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DMV update and singing at the Gardenia - my new obesession!

Today's Goal: Making trip to the CA DMV a BLAST!

Soul Food: church, ocean, reading, eating, napping, praying, loving, coffee

Singing in front of people

A fun outfit = a happy day!

I like movies. And LA. And getting stuff done.

It's a quickie about breathing.

Fran's 'It's LA, just DO IT' List

Let the waves wash over me!

Chariots of Fire is a great way to get going.

Ukulele playing and adventure planning.

Yoga, Coffee, and Dogs. The good things in life.

Pee Wee, Madonna, and Suzanne Somers- This is a name drop Blog

Pancakes and Congas

Climb every Mountain...even tho it sucks sometimes