Today's Goal: Making trip to the CA DMV a BLAST!

Morning folks,

I don't have much to contemplate this morning other than my goal. I am off to the DMV today to get a California License and Registration. So there you have it. It's becoming official. I live here. I notoriously hate trips to the DMV, mainly because I'm a bit of a space cadet and often forget very important keys to success. Like the right document, hours of operation, paying those 8 parking tickets, etc. My plan for today is to kick that shit right in the ass. I'm going to dominate this trip to the DMV. Just watch me! I'm going to to get the nicest, most enthusiastic helper, I'm going to ace my test, I'm going to have everything I need to get what I want and I'm going to take a hot ass License photo - and Presto! Most painless DMV experience ever. RIGHT? right.

The California DMV is a little more formal. They recommend reservations. I like this idea. It makes you feel as if your time is valued. And almost like they're waiting for you. How nice of them! My appointment is at 2:45pm.

Things to bring:
1. Every single document required
2. Other documents that I think might in any chance in hell be required
3. proof of smog check - getting in a few minutes
4. hot outfit
5. ipod - equipt with happy tunage
6. magazine to fill my head with happy images whilst waiting - if wait occurs
7. iphone - to check e-mail or twitter about experience - just in case I start feeling negative - it will infuse the situation with funny

So there you have it. That's the plan! Yesterday was a bit of a bust. I have to tell you that I did not much of anything to help my career. There I said it. It's a shame, but yesterday is over. Today I have my driving situation to take care of which is also, very important!

In STAR WATCH today: I saw no one because I went nowhere. I saw many famous women playing lesbians on my computer when I netflix watched the entire 5 season of LWord. Like I said, it was not a red letter day!

Here is your moment of Fran Zen:

"King of the Road" - Roger Miller

"I'm gonna kick that DMV in the ass!" - me


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