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Who's the Boss?

Hey world,

I just had a thought a few days ago that I think is worth sharing. I'm a new parent, and as I navigate the never-ending barrage of articles, books, research and friendly advice on how to raise my child, I often feel overwhelmed.

To feed solids early, or wait. To breastfeed, or not. To sleep train, or co-sleep. To put on the TV or ban screen time all together.

I have complete decision fatigue! How and when am I supposed to do absolutely anything concerning my baby? Scientists, doctors, friends and mom bloggers are quick to tell me all the ways in which my decision will negatively or positively effect his future. These people are wise! They have experience and scientific knowledge. They know best!

But who's the boss? Who is going to tell me what to do? Who is going to raise my child?

Well, I had an epiphany. IT'S ME! (and his father, Paul.) WE are the Bosses!

We get to do whatever the fuck we want!

We can feed him ice cream all day and have him sleep in our beds a…

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