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Husband? Check. Baby? Check. House? Check. What's next?

Hello world.

I am writing from my new favorite place to muse about life on a laptop, Acton Coffee House in Acton, MA. This is my new town. I live here now. Never thought I would, but I do and it's beautiful.

The other day when Paul and I were walking around our new neighborhood with the dogs and Simon, he asked me if this was the kind of place I dreamed I would live someday. It caught me off guard. I realized I had never dreamed past the points in my life that I feared were impossible to achieve. I never dreamed past getting married and having a baby. I sort of stopped imagining my life at that point. Almost as if once I got there, I was finished dreaming. Like I would get a life graduation certificate and get to retire or something!

But what is crazy about reaching your life goals is that you get there, and then you keep living! Not only that, but life continues to be challenging, complicated, wonderful and mundane. Essentially, the quality of life is better, but the abyss of the…

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