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The Nap Time Diaries - #3

Nerves and distraction! Those are the words of the day today.

I have to laugh at the roller coaster I put Paul through on mornings like this. From the moment I wake up, my brain is going a million miles a minute.

We go down for breakfast and I am simultaneously playing a Beatles album at full volume, feeding Simon yogurt, talking about today's schedule, making coffee, and explaining how I bought a menorah yesterday and we are going to celebrate Hanukkah this year. By the time I've explained the spiritual significance of our appropriated holiday and enthusiastically sang my second chorus of "Hava Nagila," Paul's eyes have completely glazed over.

Sometimes I can be a lot.

But this is the way I am on days where I have something big going on. My energy gets amplified and I can't sit still. Today at 3:30 I am auditioning 64 kids for my next production at Watertown Children's Theater, Willy Wonka Jr. They are all between the ages of 7 and 11. (insert mind blowi…

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