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Thoughts on becoming a mother, one day at a time

I guess this will be my first official "mom blog." I became a mom on November 26, 2016 when my beautiful son, Simon, was born, just before midnight. It knocked my socks off in every sense of the word and I've sort of been scrambling to catch my breath since. There have been super highs and lows and I could write an entire blog about the sound of my baby's voice and the way his eyes light up when he smiles, but that is for another time. Today I'm asking some big questions.

I'm a mom now. (insert "mind being blown" emoji)!!!!!

What does it all mean? Who am I? How can I work and still be a mom? How can I have a social life as a mom? How can I have a sex life and still be a mom? So many impossible, cliche questions. And I am not one who has answers.

Becoming a mother when you are 35 is weird. I already thought I knew who I was. I had done all the soul searching required in my 20s, career hopped and landed in my 30s, got sober, got more comfortable being…

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