Singing in front of people

Hi folks, (This blog was written early this morning and then added to later because of Internet issues)

Morning edition:

That is what I'm doing today. A little voice studio showcase in Studio City with my other fellow singers. It's going to be a lovely day. Refreshments, family, friends, casting directors, fun songs, pretty dresses, my favorite accompanist and my amazing teacher. I'm excited.

I am singing "Blue" by Joni Mitchell and "Break My Heart" by me. I'm going to set up a little space with CDs and posters to promote my show on October 24th at Room 5 as well. Just a lil PR. I think there will be about 50 people there, so it's good.

Singing in front of people is just a great feeling. I feel like I'm talking to them in the highest language - in this spiritual language - like if I'm doing it right, I'm talking directly to their hearts. Well actually, God is, love is. It's a pleasure and an honor. I'm getting better at communicating with my voice - more directly, more simply, more controlled - but in a laser-like way. I'm hoping to be a laser of love directly into their hearts!!! Especially the casting guys, hehe.

I just feel so much pleasure when I do it - when I speak/sing this way. It is possibly the best feeling in my life. I am so grateful for it, and I'm so grateful that I'm finally able to truly enjoy other people's talents for the beautiful gifts that they are. When I was hiding and hording my gift and scared of following my dream - I was very jealous of other women with beautiful voices who were getting parts or record deals, etc. Now, I enjoy it so much more. (I'm not a saint and I still feel envy sometimes) But most often, I see this unique expression inside them - this beautiful sound that comes out and is only theirs, and they are sharing it! Thank God! And I am sharing mine! And it's like a love fest. There are some amazingly talented women singing with me today, and I feel lucky!

So there is that. Having an opportunity to express the love that is inside you is one of the greatest gifts. We all have it. Some people are good care givers, speakers, writers, artists, husbands, moms, teachers, etc. They are expressing pure, perfect love through the gifts they were given. I really hope that I can continue to express that which is in me through my gifts to the best of my ability.

Evening edition:

The showcase went really well. It was standing room only. It felt effortless and fun. People responded really well to my song and i enjoyed singing it. The actress Diane Baker was there and she said she really loved my song and my whole performance. That was cool. I think I'm supposed to know who she is, but I don't really. Either way, she was a beautiful woman and I felt her heart pouring out of her eyes. I don't think the casting people were really into me, which is sort of a bummer - but I thin the singer/songwriter thing probably made them think I was not a theater person. It truly is a strange thing to straddle many styles. I think I made the right choice today though. I got to talk to a young up and coming high school student who just started studying with Suzanne. She bought a CD and is a huge Joni fan as well. It was really cool to talk with her.

So that is that. I'm tired now.

Here is your song and quote for the day. Hope you are having an insanely relaxing Saturday and that it is winding down into an even more relaxing Sunday.

"Silver and Gold" - Kirk Franklin (One of my favorite gospel tunes)

"Mold me and make me to be just what you'd have me be, Lord let me be your instrument, Lord use me." - from another Gospel song and I can't figure out who wrote it.


  1. Diane Baker was Margot in the original Diary of Anne Frank film! xo

  2. Awesome! I need to seriously google stalk her. I also sat behind model, Amber Valletta today at my church and Mimi from Rent a starbucks. I think I"m going to start a new section of the blog called "Star Watch." LOVE YOU!


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