Yoga, Coffee, and Dogs. The good things in life.

Good morning my little kitty,

I am a tired frannie this morning. Thank God for yoga and coffee. I swear I need to write a song to these two influences on my life. It will go something like this:

Sweet yoga, baby.
You make me stretch and wake up my body!
I love you! ya -ya-ya

Sweet coffee, baby.
You make me happy and are so tasty!
I love you too! ya -ya- ya.

If you both had a baby
it would be the sweetest in the world
and I would name it "Yofee" and I would love it too! ya- ya- ya

Mk. maybe I need to go back to sleep.

I had a great day yesterday. I went off to beautiful Ojai to see my good friends Amanda and George. They are the most darling, lovable people. We had a wonderful lunch and just gabbed and gabbed about life and careers and love and singing and songwriting and I just felt so lucky and loved. It was really nice to sit down and talk out some of the projects I have swirling around in my head - break down the practical steps - learn a little about the biz - and laugh too. If Amanda stressed anything, it was YOU SHOULD BE WRITING GIRL! She was not so enthused that a lot of my writing juice is taken up by this here blog, so I have decided that the blog will now come after my own journal and song writing each morning. Them's the brakes. The Blog can't get my freshest morning thoughts. It's not fair to my songs!!!!

I also had a great rehearsal with my guitar player and new friend, Jared. He rocks and he suffered my whiny-ness last night very well. It was one of those practices where you feel like every note is off and nothing is going right and why does music suck. haha. We ended up having a great time and have definitely decided that percussion is needed. So there you have it. We are making progress and the gig on Oct. 24 is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. If you miss it, I feel sorry for you.

So, back to Ojai. One thing I definitely noticed at their house is the presence of animals. Dogs and dogs and cats and cats - I just soaked it up. There is something so wonderful and simple about the gaze of a dog while you're rubbing his tummy. I miss that! I miss my little dolly doodle. She was my dog for a few years - a beautiful Maltese poodle. I ended up getting super busy working basically two jobs - 9 to 5 and theater 7 to 10. I couldn't give her the love and attention she needed and plus I never trained her properly. Dolly and 'shit on the floor' were two phrases that often accompanied one another. So my mom ended up taking over custody of the sweetie and she is living happily ever after at the best dog home in Cambridge, MA. But I miss her! I want to snuggle into her white little fur and get some lovins. Here is a photo of the dollster - or 'bug' as I call her.

I will actually be back home in Boston very soon for curious minds. I'm making the trip to sing at a wedding for a dear friend with my other dear friend and singing partner, Dave Aaronoff. I will be in town from October 8 to the 18! I will also be playing a gig with the old band on October 17th at the Plough and Stars - so make sure you come out if you are a Bostoner. I'm sure it will be a wild and fun night! I am really looking forward to it and missing my lovies on the east!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another bit of love for you. If you are on the west coast, go to Yogurtland. Just go. Don't ask questions, don't complain about a diet, don't doubt me. Just go to Yogurtland. And even before you start, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Ok, here is the song and quote for the day, hot stuff.

"Times Like This" - from the musical Lucky Stiff

"A morning without coffee is like sleep." - unknown


  1. I was on the fence about going to Lake Placid the weekend of October 16-18, but this officially changed my mind. Can't wait to cozy up at the bar with the peg leg, a PBR and some honky tonk Fran! I'll make sure the WEH has a strong showing!


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