I like movies. And LA. And getting stuff done.

Good Morning little ones,

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I was driving across LA this morning and decided, officially, that I love this city. I just do. I like the vibe - I like the sunshine - I like that I can find parking - and I just like. I'm 'in like' with this city. It is the perfect answer to NYC(the other hip happening city I know)- a town I feel stressed, rushed, and crowded in. Here - there is space and air and privacy and...happy people. It truly is like that episode of Sex in the City where the girls come out to LA and Miranda is annoyed with her old NYC pal who is now skinny and happy and likes ot hike and drink wheat grass. I'm not on the wheat grass yet, but I'm definitely soakin in the sun and letting the LA - a bit more laid back attitude wash over me. It's nice.

Still keeping busy though! There is a lot going on to prepare for various projects, so I'm going to head off and do that.

OH. I also like that I can literally wear whatever I want whenever I want here and there is no way it would look ridiculous or too...anything. Anything goes pretty much. The only thing you are in danger of dressing like is 'too dressed up', it's a very casual place. Then again, I'm not hanging at the hip hoppin clubs and celeb parties - but I'm finding my niche and it's a good thing.

I printed out my headshot today for the showcase on Saturday. It is the first time I have actually attempted to print my name on a headshot and make it look as official as possible. Can you believe that? After all these years of doing theater - my aversion to doing anything professional or ambitious stopped me from even creating a good looking headshot. It's funny how we can create HUGE mental blocks for ourselves. We can literally get stuck in them for YEARS. How long did it take to type my name at the bottom of a white border with my picture in the middle? - about 5 seconds. How much money to print it - $5 (That was actually kind of a rip off). But the point is, when you just decide to do something - you break it up into the little steps and moments that will get you there, and it becomes EASY! Thank you God!

Oooooh, also! I know I'm totally behind on this, but if you do not have netflix, I suggest you get it! I just realized that for $13 a month I can get any 2 dvds I want at a time AND watch 1,000s of movies on my computer anytime I want. HELLO. What are you waiting for? If you already have it and are going, duh Fran, here's a medal. Go tell someone else, because this is too good to be true. My guy and I watched a really cool John Lennon doc on my comp last night and these are the movies currently on my cue: LA Story, Walk the Line, Flight of the Conchords Season 2, Bob Dylan: Don't look back, The Oh in Ohio, Volver, Coraline, Moonstruck, The Notebook, Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (YES, I'm a huge dork), and Roman Holiday.


OK, I hope you all have a fabulous day. That's pretty much my plan.

Your moment of Fran Zen:

"Things are Looking Up" - Gershwin - Ella version

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans." - Woody Allen


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