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Good morning my Hello Kitty witty woo,

How are you? I am doing well. I took a little day off from blog communication yesterday - just to keep it sacred. Went to the Self Realization Center in the morning to meditate and get grounded. It is truly an amazing place. I feel centered and loved there and inspired and a part of something holy. The crazy thing is the feeling usually extends outside too - recharging me for the week. That is what a spiritual community should do - fill you up with love so you can give it away!

Then I went to a party for a good friend from my Italy trip. You know you are in California when it's mid September and you're in a yard at a catered party with multiple kinds of delicious tacos and margaritas being served in the sun. Delish! Here is a pic of a few of my buddies from my Italy experience: Michael Brill (piano and composer extraordinaire), Suzanne Kiechle ( my most fabulous voice coach) and Giselle Wolf (stunning and talented Actress/singer). I love these people. It's so good to have a family of love and support around you. Actually, it's not just good - it's absolutely necessary.

I had a crazy fun experience with my friend Nic on Saturday.

We had heard about this hip summer tradition of movie screenings in the Hollywood cemetery. Obviously, it had to be scoped out. Saturday was their annual traditional screening of Pee Wees Big Adventure - the classic 80s comedy that is truly unique and way ahead of it's time. We waited in a long line with all the hipsters and hot couples and claimed our piece of grass - spread out our blanket and picnic. It was pretty beautiful. The sun was setting and there were gorgeous people everywhere. I was a little annoyed because I thought we were going to be sitting on the graves - but then I checked myself and decided that this is completely sacrilege - duh! whoops.

Nic and I sat and ate and talked about life - when the sun was finally down - Pee Wee Herman himself walked out on stage, completely high on something and talked and rambled and made funny awkward speech for like 35 minutes. It was pretty surreal and very Hollywood. I don't know if you can hear all the people telling him to shut up! But here is the clip:

It was one of those experiences where you're looking around going - someone save this guy - pull him off stage! It's embarrassing. But you know, I wonder what that's like. When you're somewhat famous and people think you're awesome and funny and they want you to get up and talk cuz they think you're this brilliant person, but really you're just a normal guy who did an awesome thing once and there is all this pressure to be amazing and you just bomb. Cuz you're just a normal guy - looking for a job- trying to plug your work - hoping people will like you.

I felt a little bit like this last night watching the Video Music Awards on MTV. This show has seriously gone down in quality and relevance for me considering I do not own any of the albums being celebrated and do not relate to most of the music at all - but I watch for nostalgia sake or curiosity sake - just to see what the crazy kids are into. This year the show opened with a somber Madonna and a solo microphone and a 10 hour speech about the importance of Michael Jackson's life and career and the injustices he suffered. It was nice for the first 2 minutes. Then I started squirming. She began recounting very personal memories of befriending him and things he said and did and how she was disappointed that their friendship sizzled, etc. I was wishing someone would give her the 'cut it'/'wrap it up' motion. It was too long, too personal. It was as if she was working out her issues in a public forum and everyone was eating it up because it was Madonna - and she can do no wrong and her personal feelings on the matter are highly important. What is that about? If anyone else had been up there talking, it would have lasted 2 minutes. She must have got a full 5, maybe even 8. That is insane. We treat our entertainment celebrities like prophets, demi gods and goddesses of the light. It creeped me out. We weren't at his funeral and we weren't his personal friend or hers. We were a bunch of nameless faces hoping to see some live performances and some drunk celebrities say stupid shit on the mic: Thanks Kanye. Madonna kept referring to MJ as a King - the King - and I guess in a way she is right. And she was the Queen - giving the King's eulogy in front of 100s of thousands of their subjects, consoling the masses. Letting them know that even tho the King is dead, the Queen still lives and she will keep his memory and tradition alive. That is truly what it was. Rock n Roll ( or should I say POP) Royalty lives on. It is a crazy phenomenon. And one I will never be comfortable with, except for when I visit Graceland. I wonder if Madonna sleeps with a crown on her head?

I have definitely noticed that in LA - if you know royalty, it is good for you. There is a class of people out here that don't exist in regular, down home USA. They are the entertainment blue bloods - the untouchable Hollywood Royals. What they do is revered, watched, and obsessed over by people all over the world. But here in Hollywood - every Joe schmo has a connection to one of these people. Everyone has stories, friends of friends, random nights or awesome work experiences - they have their brushes with royalty. And these little brushes give them cred - give them value - give them a sense of worth. Because we all know that Madonna's shit doesn't stink. So if you could come into contact with her shit - as compared to some random dudes - that is something special! It is absolutely insane and COMPLETELY real. You are who you know out here. And if you know royalty, you are a better person. I'm definitely not above it. I completely buy into it, get excited by it, laugh about it, and so on. It makes me feel good to have little names to spurt out, little celeb stories to relate - but does it really give me any value? Does it really make me more talented or more real or a better person? No. I want to say no.

But I will ask you this. Did you see Suzanne Somers eating a flatbread pizza at your lunch spot in Malibu? I didn't think so.

So you be the judge.


Here is your song and quote for the day (it's sort of my 'moment of Zen')

Gimme Some Truth - John Lennon

"I won't be happy until I'm as famous as God" - Madonna


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