Thanksgiving Grats 2014

Thanksgiving Grats.

Every now and then it's good to make a gratitude list. The most helpful times I have found to do this are when 1) you hate everything 2) you wish you had a different _____ (fill in the blank). or 3) you can't find a reason to get out of bed/don't believe in God/think life is meaningless.

But then once a year we gather to overeat and hug distant relatives and focus a bit on the insane abundance we have in our lives. I think this is a pretty practical tradition. Because gratitude is like harvesting happiness. It's gathering all the reasons you have to be thankful up together in one little cornucopia of goodness and realizing you are insanely blessed, after all!!

In a world of MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE, BIGGER BETTER FASTER STRONGER, it's good form to slow down for a second and realize that everything you need, you actually already have.

So here are my Grats for Thanksgiving 2014!

I am thankful for...

the first snow of the

my sexy wrap dress with the red stripes that I'm wearing to dinner

my new face cream that smells so good I want to put it all over my body

my sleeping dog

my boyfriend, who took apart a table, drove it to the theatre, and put it back together after the show with a screw gun

my brother and sister in law who are in town - and the fact that they actually want to hang out with me

the beautiful show I was just honored to direct

the relationships I have made through theatre

my amazing, flexible, interesting, creative, life-affirming job

my google chrome that makes it super easy to stream all the funny shows I watch

my parents who love me unconditionally

my step parents who love me unconditionally too

my grandparents, who also love me unconditionally  (how did I get so lucky?)

my best friends, who ALSO love me unconditionally!

the fact that I've been sober for 5 freaking years. miracle.

the creative pulse inside me - that drives me to connect and make art and push myself to greater challenges

my voice

music, music, music

theatre, theatre, theatre


Especially toast with peanut butter and banannas

coffee coffee coffee

the beautiful and astounding universe we live in!

nature and all it's creatures

God - love - connection




dear friends who give me loving, honest advice, who have my best interest at heart

really good movies and buttery popcorn

amazing outfits

the feeling of getting a hug after a fantastic performance from one of my kids

my Body.  all of the little bits that make it unique and human and alive and healthy.

infinite possibilities


a warm, cozy house to live in

enough money in my bank account to pay the bills, and more to come

living in New England

the fact that I"m about to go eat oysters with two of my favorite people.


I feel like a million bucks! I sincerely suggest this activity to anyone feeling like Thanksgiving is a crock of poop. This is what it's all about.



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