2013: The year that will be just like any other year

It's New Year's Eve.

I wanted to write a "Top 12 in 2012" list.

But to be honest, I can't be bothered.

This year has been amazing. Lots of life changes and lots of beautiful moments! But who wants to look back? If I've learned anything in my precious moments on earth it is that the best is yet to come. And I'm sure there will be bad bits too. But isn't that what life is all about? You win some, you lose some, and after it happens, you're still breathing!

As 2013 approaches, I have this sensation deep in my gut that it will be...like any other year! I will learn stuff and try new things and fail at some things and love some people. Have a few heartaches and a few victories and a few belly laughs.

I think what is most exciting is that for the first time in my life I'm ok with exactly what life has to offer. It doesn't have to be more exciting or awesome or brag-worthy than it really is. I actually like the "just is"ness of life. I enjoy just being! I feel like cheersing the mundane this New Year's Eve! Here's to life, on life's terms!

Here's to wiping your nose on your sleeve.

Here's to waiting for the phone to ring.

Here's to crying at horrible movies and when the wind peirces your eyes and when you get let down.

Here's to laughing at British comedies and people tripping and yourself when you say something idiotic outloud.

Here's to board games with your family.

Here's to eating too much and doing anything too much.

Here's to being quiet.

Here's to walking around a pond.

Here's to sleeping in a little bit or staying up too late.

Here's to staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

Here's to feeling understood or loved or cared for.

Here's to Life.

For all the AMAZING GAME CHANGING FACEBOOK WORTHY moments we will have in 2013, we will have a million times more mundane, private moments. But these are the things that make life worthwhile! The simple little moments that remind you why you like to breathe or that very often pass you by, but sometimes give you a giggle. Life is full of them.

And I hope to enjoy them much more this year. The lil bits that life has to offer! Here's to the unexciting, normal every-day life stuff of 2013! May you all enjoy it as much as I will.


And now, naked singing Alanis Morissette


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