Giving Thanks on this Thanksgiving Day.

Gratitude! A spiritual practice that I glaze over most days. But today I wanted to make a list.

I am grateful for...

hot food
new outfits
a warm November day
getting into PJs after a day in heels
that feeling of love, deep in my belly
holding my niece on my lap
telling stories
listening to stories
being present
feeling content
passionate work
good friends
family heirlooms
family history
first dates
first kisses
first snowfalls
second chances
seconds of mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
fir scented candles
putting up Christmas lights
listening to Christmas music for the first time this year
coming home
feeling welcomed
feeling useful
new beginnings
alone time
together time
really good period films
tall glasses of water
hot cups of coffee

And most of all, I'm thankful for life - this gift that seems to be freely given to me each day. I feel very blessed on this Thanksgiving, 2012.

Very blessed, indeed!


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