Before you buy it - GO OUTSIDE.

Why does anyone ever need one solitary single ‘thing’? All the clutter and stuff we fill our lives with. As if it makes us more happy. As if having toys and clothes and nice furniture and cars makes us ‘rich.’ Makes our lives fulfilled. What does the word fulfilled mean anyway? Filled with stuff? Or satisfied. Are we ever satisfied with the things we have? Seems every time I buy something, I want more. Every time I get a new gadget - there is a better one out there. No, things have ever made me feel rich or fulfilled. They have always made me feel lack. I might be grateful that I have it - but all it does is spark a desire for another thing.

The only place on earth where I truly feel rich, fulfilled, and happy all at the same time is the Great Outdoors. Nature. Is there anything on this planet as amazingly brilliant as this planet? No! It is the most magnificent, most glamorous and delicate and awesome and mysterious and powerful and beautiful place to be. In nature. Trees, dirt, streams, plants, birds, animals, sky, clouds, waves, mountains, sunshine and more. I am speechless when surrounded by creation. The air fills up my body and my soul like no money ever could. And it is all around us!

How often do we feel we need to spend money on entertainment? Movies, plays, rock shows, dinners, extravagant trips. We fill our brains with more and more stimulation - as if it wasn’t already clouded with piles of shit and negativity. We relax by running our brains and our spirits even more ragged with partying and mindless TV.

Why don’t we simply go outside?

I live in California. And the Great Outdoors, and I mean the great great GREAT Outdoors is all around me. I have deserts, Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, National Parks, cliffs, bluffs and historically HUGE trees at my fingertips. Mere hours away. less even. But do I go and experience the richness of the world I am free to roam? Hardly ever.

Well this weekend I drove to Big Sur with one of my closest friends, Lauren. It was an amazing, easy drive from Los Angeles. We hardly felt we had been in the car for 6 hours because the whole time we were going “Wooooah. Wow.” The Pacific coastline of California is absolutely breathtaking. We didn’t stop to take pictures. Our plan was to drive and breathe and experience on the way up, and stop for pics on the way back down. I’m glad we did that. Because I feel so filled up. I haven’t been trying to capture or share or keep the memories forever. I’ve just been enjoying. It feels amazing. When you just let nature be. It knocks your socks off.

We road horses through the woods and on the beach today. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done - and although it wasn’t free - it was worth every penny. Actually, my horse was named Penny, and she trotted my booty into shape! She was a little rascal.

Right now I’m sitting on our deck as the sun is getting lower in the sky - just breathing and writing. Just being. Just enjoying. I need nothing and no one at this very moment in time. All is well with the world. I am full, happy, joyous, free, and surrounded by natural light. I've never felt richer or more loved.

The moral of the story is.

Get your ass outside before the summer is over! And before you go buy more shit you don't need at Target, go outside. I guarentee 100% satisfaction. And it's FREE.


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  2. You are right, once I get a good thing I want more. Things that fall into this category for me are love and nature. I would pay to have a big back yard with a pond and several gardens, rather than a fancy car. Now that I have love, I know that there is no bigger better deal or greener grass; I just want more.

    but i do need to buy more crap at target, to embellish, clean, dispose of, store, refill, and make better the other crap i have already bought at target.


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