Wednesday June 8, 2011 - 12:51pm

Hi folks,

I still don't have a job. So I thought I would blog because it makes me feel like I'm doing something quasi productive. When I'm feeling down - writing it out sometimes helps. It's a bit of a healing process for sure.

I'm in a coffee shop in Hollywood called Stir Crazy on Melrose. It's full of 20 something screenwriters and out of work actors typing away on their laptops and doing research. They're sort of adorable. And here I am, scouring craigslist yet again, desperately fighting off the urge to say 'fuck it', and praying for the willingness to keep active in my search for employment. I need a job. This is nothing new.

Today I went to the FedEx/Kinkos on Vine to print out some application forms and resumes. My big plan was to talk to the hot guy with the long hair and blue eyes who made me laugh for a solid 10 minutes last time I was in there. I would 1. Walk in looking hot. 2. Bring up our last funny conversation very casually to him and make him laugh 3. Say "here's my number. Call me sometime."

Here is what happened actually.

I walked in feeling super tired from the night before (because I watched episodes of Entourage until 2:30am). I locked onto his eyes right away as he was on the phone at the main desk. I managed a half smile, then quickly looked down and walked swiftly to the computer. Printed the shit out as fast as I could. Made some copies. Looked back one more time. Validated my parking stub, and high tailed it out of there.


Apparently I don't even have enough confidence at the moment to hit on the FEDEX guy. Awesome. I'm not going to beat myself up for this particular Liz Lemon incident, though. To be fair, I'm sort of at the bottom of the barrel right now. It's safe to say that my mojo will return with stability and income. In the meantime, it's not a crime to LOOK at the hot fedex guy and imagine that I have the balls to talk to him. OR type his name into google with a 'comma' fedex and see if you can find his facebook page. YOU CAN'T. I could also check the missed connections section of craigslist during my job search, just in case he LOVES me and is searching for me.

he doesn't. and isn't.

So be it! Life is amusing to say the least. And barring all of the things I don't have going on at the moment, life is good too. I have to be grateful for my sense of humor. I have to be psyched that I have a bed and a hot chai latte and the ability and resources to make myself egg in a bowl this morning (a childhood favorite created by my mom). The little things in life are HUGE right now. And I'm psyched about them. Finance and Romance can wait. I'm enjoying my affair with the small stuff.

Speaking of stuff that I have right now. I have some time on my hands. To write and make music. Which is what I want to do ANYWAY. So that's awesome. I recorded a little Single with a bonus yesterday and put it on bandcamp. The album is called "Milk n Cookies."
Track one is one of my latest tunes, quickly becoming an audience favorite, called "Cookies in Bed." Here is the youtube video, if you missed it:

The other tune is a premier - no one has heard it yet - called "Somebody in Hollywood." It was inspired by some recent experiences and a viewing of "Sunset Boulevard" over the weekend. I think you'll really like it. The coolest thing is, IT'S FREE! You can download the album here:

Have wonderful days, my lovins. And if you know of a job in Los Angeles, what the heck are you holding out on me for. HOOK A SISTER UP.



  1. Hilarious Frannie - he's def dreaming about eating cookies in bed with you :) - Nic


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