Coffee is a priority.

Good morning worlds,

I'm having a great morning. I meditated. I read the Bible (for the first time in like 2 years). I made coffee. I e-mailed. I'm slowly working my way down a well-thought out "to do" list I made last night. This is a fabulous tool for the chronically scattered, artistic mind. Most of the time when I have free time, I want to do all things, all at once. I become overwhelmed. And I shut down.

Not today!

I have my trusty list.

It felt good to prioritize this morning. Like I put God BEFORE coffee. How insanely obvious a choice is that? But so often, my caffeine fix is the most important part of my morning. I almost believe that the good will start flowing once the brown juice drips down my throat, like it's an elixir or something! Sometimes I have more faith in a cup of joe than I do in God. Well, the coffee I made this morning is pretty damn good because I made it in this thing:

But I'm pretty sure the reason why there is a skip in my step is because I've got my priorities straight. I seriously know that I cannot put the demo before my spiritual program, or I'm screwed. I cannot put my job before my family, or I'm screwed. And I can't put coffee before God, because that's WACK.

Making a list really puts it into perspective. Where are my priorities? Really... It can be hard to look at sometimes. To be honest, I've already been on facebook 3 times this morning! 3 effing times! It's not even on the to do list. But I've probably already spent at least half of the time I spent meditating on Facebook. So are the two equal in priority to me? Almost. Weird. I need to check myself before I wreck myself.

So often I focus on what I need and want first - rather than what I have. It's like the things that I don't have are a higher priority to me than the things I do have. I spend a lot of energy wondering when I'm going to get 'mine.' It's like a top priority is wanting MORE.
You know what life looks like when you do that? Empty. Because when you DO have stuff, you don't enjoy it. NO matter what you have.

No matter what my to do list includes, I'm glad that I am an adult who knows what should be at the top of my list. If I don't have a relationship with God, I don't have a good relationship with my loved ones. It has to come first. If I don't have a solid connection to my spiritual program, I don't perform well at work. It's like a simple math problem. Sometimes our best thinking - our strategies for how to get ahead in the world - are faulty math problems! You do not get happiness without giving back to others. You do not get rich without giving of yourself. You do not get happy without surrendering the outcomes of your actions.

It feels good to check things off of the list. I have faith that my actions are guided and in the right place today. A few ways that I check to make sure my priorities are straight - is a little quiz. I ask myself. 1. Is this selfish? 2. Is this self-seeking? 3. Is this dishonest?
If the answer is yes to any of those questions, maybe the thing needs to be kicked off the list. Or at least moved down as far as priority goes.

Anyway, I ramble. I'm off to continue checking shit off! Next on the list is some Demo distribution research. And GO!



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