Let's break the silence.

Can I just say how grateful I am for art.


Joy, love, freedom, laughter!

I find all of these things in my music and in my art.

The act of allowing myself to be what I am. Has been a sacred experience.

Allowing the artist inside me to be. Just what it is. At any given time. HALLELUJAH.

How painful is it to stuff these urges down? Or to morph them into another package that you think is less offensive or perfect or intellectual or pleasing to others. The more I let my inner artist free - the happier I am!

When I feel grief - I make art.

When I'm happy - I make art.

When I'm bored - I make art.

Is this art good? Is it critically groundbreaking? WHO THE FUCK CARES!

It saves my life!

Creativity comes from the source. The source of love and life. The more we can connect to that source, the better.

If you feel it when you run, RUN, MOTHER-EFFER, RUN.

If you feel it when you sing, YOU BETTER SING.

And if you feel it when you write, WRITE EVERYDAY.

Express the creativity and life energy that is wanting to burst through you. Give it a sacred space to live in.

And then PLAY.

When I see artists that I truly admire - it is a sense that they are having fun. They are playing with this creative source. They are letting it do what it does, and it is delightful to watch. In every way!

I have been having some amazing experiences lately playing with my art.

Gary Brintz and I wrote a funny holiday song as a joke and it turned out to be hit worthy! All we ever felt while creating it was joy and laughter!

I also recently created a little video for Melanie's song "Brand New Key" - the ever catchy pop hit of the early 70s. I had fun with film. I know NOTHING about film! I just played. And it was a blast!

Love live the playful spirit of artistic creation!



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