Synchronicity is the Shit!

Hello loves,

It's been awhile since I've felt the urge to share something on this lil blog. Tonight I couldn't stop myself. I love when stuff like this happens! A wicked cool/meaningful/inspiring synchronicity happened to me tonight.

A few weeks ago I heard a wonderful speaker named Gregg Levoy. He spoke about following your most authentic life - your calling. You all know I'm all about leaping out into the abyss and following your calls - no matter how crazy or far out they feel! Well, this guy is the expert in discerning these calls in everyday life. He says we can find our callings in the mundane, in dreams, in symptoms, in our gut! He wrote a book that I'm reading called "Callings." You can also hear him speak about the book here ( this is a great interview) : Listen to Gregg!

Well, I'm flipping through the book after studying it for the last couple weeks and I stumble across something so strange. One of the people Gregg interviewed about living an authentic life and following a calling is MY UNCLE, Len Edgerly!?! How weird and amazing. There I am, reading the book, ladeeeeda, when I see my uncle's name and read an incredible story about how he left the corporate life to follow an inner calling to be a writer and live the bohemian life. This is in the section of the book about mentors. Len found one who helped him claim a new path. All of a sudden I'm reading about a member of my family who could possibly be a guide for me on my own path to living a more authentic life as a professional artist. Did I need a freaking published book to tell me that my uncle RULES? Apparently I did!

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. It is one of those little codes that we can decipher to point us towards a more joyful, authentic life. Our minds are so loud most of the time. They put every person, place, thing, and life decision on trial for so long that we're lucky if we ever make a decision or make a change or make a difference! We're so busy analyzing that we are almost never receptive to the messages that are plain as day. Right in front of our faces. I'm so grateful for those times when I AM receptive - for those times when I'm searching for meaning - searching for a nod from the heavens. I almost always find a little road sign in the mundane when I'm open to it.

I found it today in this book. There I was looking for a way to connect with my inner yearnings more meaningfully - and what I found was my Uncle. A great guy who is living a life that I aspire to. He is definitely L'N THE D, you guys. He's always been there, being related to me. I just did not put two and two together until now.

Len is an amazing poet, world traveller, blogger, tech genius, Kindle enthusiast, family man, loyal husband, and Niece supporter! Check out his site and follow him on twitter. He's wicked popular and so smart!

Well, there you have it. You never know when a family member is going to pop up in the book you're reading! Or when God is going to smash you over the head with the obvious stick. But isn't it grand when life matches up in a choreographed dance for us? I guess when it does, we know that God just couldn't let our oblivious selves pass this one up! Not this time!

Here's to synchronicity!



  1. I love this! And I'm in, for whatever mentoring (or "tor-mentoring, as Alvaro would say) I can offer that's useful. I've been gaining my own inspiration from YOU, watching your focus and courage as you walk your road and sing your life in L.A.

    Greg is a terrific guy, and I love it that his book and my story in it found you at what seems to be a perfect time and place. Nice way to start my day here in Missoula, Montana, where I'm at a reunion of past chairs of the Western States Arts Federation. Life is excellent!

    All my best, Len


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