poetry feels good.

Hello loves,

I'm in New York City, working a trade show for Terra Traditions. I got a little nudge from my sweetie to write while I'm here. Well, a song has not come out yet. But I jotted down this poem and wanted to share it.

A morning stroll in the Big Apple

I like you on my arm
a comfy blanket to snuggle up with
feeling soft like jelly
by your side

But this morning
I'm alone

I walk with purpose
through the busy streets to my destination
The taxi cabs honk my soundtrack
and the whistlers keep time
The city is my dreamscape -
limitless possibility
untamed passions
wild adventures
are all to be had as I stroll with my sunglasses on
Smiling at the man with the walkie talkie
Hopping over a puddle
and humming that tune
the one that always comes to mind when I'm walking in New York

Come and meet those dancing feet
On the avenue I'm taking you to
42nd street!

or is it

It don't mean a thing if you aint got that swing
Do wa do wa...

Yes, that's it

Do wa do wa
do wa do wa
do wa do waaaaaaaaaa

But then I see it
That billboard that always makes us laugh
My thoughts turn to you
I stop and take a picture
wishing you were here

then continue down 5th Avenue.


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