You don't have to be famous to write a song that changes the world.


I'm inspired. I went to Huffington post today and found this article: "Crawfisher Dan Landry Uses Folk Song to Urge Oil Commission to 'Do the Right Damn Thing.'

I'm not a political person. It's the only factor that keeps me from being a die hard folkie. But I do care about the world and the people in it. I believe that we leave heart and compassion and humanity and common sense out of politics too much. Well, I'm so glad that someone had the balls, and felt called to sing his song in front of the people who are making the decisions about this disaster. Drew Landry is a hero. And THIS is why I love folk music.

THIS is what it does. It speaks the truth. Simply. And it cuts through all the bullshit and touches your heart. It can change the world. Look at Bob Dylan's little folk song "Blowing in the Wind." It became the anthem for the civil rights movement. THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

As artists, we can sometimes feel unimportant (I know that seems impossible). But it's true. Are we only serving ourselves and our own needs? Are we selfish? Is it meaningless? Will our music ever do any good in this world? Or our art? Or our movie? Well - it won't. Unless we share it. Unless we write it. Unless we put it in front of the world. Drew Landry wrote a song. Big deal.

But he played it for us. Now it's out of his hands. He gave it away. And the music will do the work now. And it did a lot for me. It made me internalize a tragedy in a way I had not before. He made the oil spill my story. Through a song. That is the power of music. To make us feel the universal heartbeat and connect us - to an issue or an idea or a feeling.

I'm moved! I'm moved to do some research and see what I can do to help out the people in Gulf. The crawfishers. The people like you and me who are in danger of losing their homes once again.

Thanks Drew!!!!!!!!!!


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