Setting an ROCK

Hello my darlings,

It's monday morning! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaawwww. I woke up earlier than usual today. I decided to try out something new. I set aside 30 minutes to pray, read, and meditate a little. I guess you would call it a morning devotional. It was nice. I burned a little incense, chanted om, read some things, sat cross legged and watched my thoughts and my breaths for a bit. It's such a simple, easy thing to do. And yet it's so difficult to actually do it! I'm glad I did. I feel a little lighter and more focused this morning. I feel as if I will walk with purpose today. I guess it's sort of like setting an intention. If you wake up and are immediately rushed and hurrying to your job or your thing and thinking about a million paths - your day will inevitably feel scattered and unfocused. You might feel overwhelmed and unproductive. But if you wake up a little early and take some time to sit and breathe and think about the day ahead of you - connect with some inner peace - get your priorities in some sort of manageable order - your day will be smoother....I think. WE'll SEE!

It was a wonderful weekend! The show on Friday was just what the doctor ordered. Literally. I was feeling a little burnt on the Hollywood club scene. It was not feeling like fertile ground for artist development - more like the school of hard knocks. But I wanted to play a room that was quiet, where new people could hear the music and maybe get into it. That is exactly what I found!

Enid and Edgar Vintage in Silverlake is this wonderful business owned by an artistic and nurturing couple with a vision to support the local artists and musicians in this town. They set up a stage for acoustic music - burn sage- light candles - and provide a space for people to LISTEN and enjoy. There was so much love in the room. It was really cool to just sing and play and connect. No microphones, no amp, no antsy promoter trying to make some cash at the door, no drunken convos. Just music.

I realized this. No one said there is only one path to a career in music. The idea that you MUST do this and that, is bogus. The only thing you must do is your art. And then you must share it. I'm realizing that playing at venues I don't like, working with difficult people, doing projects I don't believe in -- all in the name of desired success is pointless. Maybe they know so and so. Maybe that club has a big name. Maybe this will look good in the future. blah blah blah. What is success anyway? Doing what you are told, arriving at a point of material gain, and being miserable? NO. I think it looks a little more like living with integrity - believing in what you do - living honestly - loving generously - helping others. If I go to where my values are upheld, it's a positive experience. Like my Mom always says, you don't go to the hardware store for milk. And you definitely don't go to Hollywood for a soulful, truthful experience.

So ANYWAY, I played my hour set. We laughed and had moments. It was special. I made a little money too. My close friend Drea Newell joined me onstage for a few songs as well. She is just getting her sea legs when it comes to singing live and it was a wonderful experience to hold her hand along the way, let go, and watch her freaking soar! She's got talent and soul and lets her beauty shine from within and without! You must hear our cover of Mahalia Jackson's spiritual anthem, "I"m Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song."

I heard this song on a vinyl album I picked up my first week in Los Angeles. It knocked me off my feet. Such a powerful intention! Jeeze! I aspire to it. My friend John - who lives back in Boston - transposed the chords from a more difficult jazzy arrangement to something I could handle on guitar. So lucky to have talented and generous friends in my life!

I played a lot of new material and got great responses all around. It is becoming more and more apparent that I need an EP. Something to offer at shows so they can take some of these songs away with them. I'm calling a studio today in LA and booking some time so we can get crackin! Cannot wait to have some beautiful versions of these tunes for you all to hear.

In closing, I'll say that it's all about intention for me today. I set an intention to build my fan base and play in areas around town that were not so...boozey. That is exactly what happened. My larger intention for life these days is to just show up and be of service to my community and the people in my life. I want to offer up my talents and my time to others. That is my intention. It feels good. It feels so much better than selfish motives and crazy, overwhelming goals. A simple, pure, and spiritual intention can completely overhaul your life. This is what I'm experiencing today. It's really cool.

Be on the look out for a few more videos from Friday night! I'm going to post them later today on my youtube channel. If you haven't subscribed, do it now!

Love love love


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