Let's hear it for public radio that doesn't suck

Hello my dears,

LA has one good radio station. Can you believe it? One of the larger cities in our great country! Some would say a hub of the entertainment industry. We set the trends here, for shits sake! But for the life of us, we have crap radio! Top 40, rap, and latin. That's it. EXCEPT for KCRW, 89.9. Thank God for you. This is a public radio station based out of Santa Monica college, and it rocks!

I was listening to the show "Morning becomes Eclectic" today. I was sort of listening. Mostly thinking and driving. Then a song stopped me in my tracks. You know when this happens! It's like the heavens open and God starts talking to you through this song - or a tree - or some random beautiful thing? Well, today it was this song, and this particular performance of this song. It's a classic, usually performed by Johnny Cash. But this gem was a live performance by his daughter, Rosanne. The song is "Satisfied Mind." The song is beautiful. And true.

Watch the performance live here! Rosanne Cash singing "Satisfied Mind"

I think that being satisfied with what we have in any given moment is the key to living a joyful life! Craving the future or heightened experiences and things keeps us in a constant state of suffering. Any moment we can take throughout our days to be grateful. To smile. To enjoy breathing and living and loving and working and playing and sleeping and eating. This teaches our mind to be satisfied. This is a beautiful practice. And what a beautiful song!

So, I salute you KCRW! And WERS in Boston. And all the public and college radio stations out there that play good music. I should give you money. But right now I'll just give you a blog shout out! And I'll keep listening. Because it enriches my life! For serious.


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