I wrote a song. And I sold it. And it's awesome.

Good morning!

Well, it's a great day to be alive. I feel good. Dragged my butt out of bed to meet with my sweet trainer who kicks my ass with a smile every Wednesday. We had a good laugh. Then off to the bank to withdraw my rent money, post office to send a package, and my hood Starbucks for the iced coffee fix. It's been a full morning and I haven't even blogged yet. And one of the reasons I feel so great - the reason the mundane feels joyful today - is because...it's happening.

It's all happening, you guys. The things that I hoped would happen, are. Now, how does that work? I have no idea. I think it has something to do with faith and attitude and energy and light and hard work and God. AND surrendering my own will and believing it will work out in the end. If we are always doubting that there is going to be a happy ending before the credits roll, how are we supposed to enjoy the movie??? But when we know it's all going to turn out well, we can laugh and cry and enjoy the ride because we have faith that the characters are going to live happily ever after. Well, I'm enjoying my movie today. Because I have faith.

I've had a lot of financial worries lately. I don't write or talk about it much because really, what are you going to say? Big surprise! I'm a singer/songwriter with a part time job and money is a concern. I made the choice to live this life. And I'm so glad I did. I don't need fancy clothes and shoes and apartments and vacations to be happy. I just want to live my life and make music and enjoy the little things with friends and family. And I'm doing that. Seriously. But I need to pay those bills. So the last couple months have looked like this: worry, worry, surrender, faith, faith, happy, tired, worry, worry, surrender, faith, faith, happy, and REPEAT. The good thing is that the faith always came around and I was able to get some peace about the situation. Once I released my money concern, the problem seemed to go away. It's a freaking phenomenon!

So lately I've been doing the worry/faith dance and I was really caught up in ME and my shit. I was tired of thinking about me and my shit. So I decided to release the money doubts do some things for other people. Which I did. One of these things was to write a theme song for the company I do some freelance work for, Terra Traditions. I was asked to do it months ago, but sort of laughed it off, and felt awkward about it. But I saw this as the perfect opportunity to be of service with my music and talent and stop thinking about ME. So I did it. I wrote a little ditty. And I made a little video to go along with it. Done and done. Wasn't expecting anything in return. It felt good!

Well, I showed it to my boss, she loved it, wanted to post it to the company's YouTube channel immediately, and wanted to pay me very generously for the song. WHAT??? Amazing! All of a sudden, I have money to pay my rent, and I made this money from WRITING A SONG!! Eureka! It was an amazing feeling. It IS an amazing feeling. When I got out of my head, used my gifts to enrich another person's experience and business, I was rewarded and my financial concern was relieved. It was like a Christmas miracle! haha.

See, I don't believe that God gave us gifts and talents to keep for ourselves. You will not be rewarded unless you give it away. Isn't that crazy? That is the whole philosophy of living an abundant life. We receive exactly what we give away. But we feel like it should be the opposite. I have to keep these things for myself -- or else I'll be depleted! For example, my writing time is precious, I need to spend it writing my own songs and my own story and practicing for MY gigs so I can go and get MINE. Well, you know what I get in return when i act this way??? A whole lotta loneliness and regret and dissatisfaction. When I think who can I jam with and write with and sing for and write for and give to - I'm so beautifully rewarded. I mean, beyond words!

This time, I was rewarded with cash. And that felt nice, I'm not going to lie. I wrote the song and sold it to Terra Traditions. They own it now. And I've got some money. But sometimes the rewards come in other ways. The point is, I will live a small, uneventful, boring life if I hoard my talents, focus on myself, and how to move forward in my career. That is just not how it's done.

When I release it. When I give it away. When I offer it to the people who ask. When I take the time to be grateful for what I have. I get joy back. I get money back. I get love and support back. I get to live an abundant and happy life! That is what I have today, and I'm so grateful.

And NOW!!!!!!!! dum de dum dum! The theme song for Terra Traditions:
(I will be re-recording the song for TT so they have a crisper rendition. But this is what we have for now. ENJOY!)


  1. love when the harmony comes in.... perfect.

  2. AWESOME! Congrats Fran. It's a sign of good things to come. FYI: I couldn't get the video to play in firefox on my stinkin IMac, but it worked in Safari.

  3. Frannie I love it!! It gave me full on goose bumps. You never cease to amaze me you beautiful girl!!!

  4. Loving the whole thing sweetie!! Very beautiful xx

  5. Franny Fran,

    you are such an amazing inspiration! You deserve all the good things that are coming your way! I am in awe of your talent and ALL of your beauty! Keep at it and keep the faith... You ARE doing it! P&L - A


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