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Good Morning!

Woke up today with that line from "Waiting for Guffman" in my head, "It's the day of the show, ya'll." So it tis! I am very excited to be playing on the Sunset Strip. It just sounds cool! Doesn't it? It sounds like I should be wearing skin tight pleather pants and eye-liner and teasing my hair tonight!!!!!!! oh, wait....I am.

Just kidding.

But for reals! I feel so grateful to have a show and get to play my music for some people in a room. It's just magical. It's so much fun! It's what I love. How lucky is that?

And if you don't know, the show is at the Cat Club tonight at 8pm! 8911 Sunset Blvd, next the Whiskey A G0 Go.

I titled this blog, "An artist prepares" because I wanted to tell you what I have to do today to get ready for the show. I dont' have superstitions and all that bullroar, but I do need to do a few things.
#1 I am cleaning my room this morning. This is...really important. Sometimes when I'm feeling creative and life is happening and more and more good is coming into play - my brain becomes full. When this happens, my living space responds. Right now, it is fully overwhelmed. Books and art supplies, instruments and clothes, mail and records are strewn about. My room is in a happy creative disorder. But I need some order for this evening. The idea is that if I clear up the clutter in my space this morning, my brain will clear. When my brain is clear, I will have a better chance of remembering the freaking words to my own songs. So there you have it.

#2 Blog - blogging was another way of achieving the goal associated with task 1. Just blog, get this shit out of my head, and move forward into SUNSET STRIP ROCK GLORY.

#3 Coffee at Starbucks. This is more of an addiction than a task. I start everyday this way. So why would I not do it today? That would be crazy!!!!!!!! Iced Grande coffee with two pumps of classic syrup, please. THANK YOU.

#4 I need to play a few of the songs that need some practice. I've added a funny element to one of the tunes that requires some coordination. That will need to be done a few times. Another new song is not totally ingrained in my brain yet. We'll do that one.

#5 Take care of my sobriety thing. It's important for me to make sure I'm not in any position to freak out and feel vulnerable to the drink, duh duh duh duh! One show I played a while back, I ate so much sugar before hand that I was totally high for the show and when it was over, I crashed. hardcore. It was bad. And I was in a bar. Not a good thing. So I will take care of that, which takes me to #6.

#6 Eat healthy. Note to self: Don't eat a piece of chocolate cake, a box of jelly beans, and a Monster energy drink before the show.

#7 Pick up my friend, Kaitlyn, and try to talk her into singing harmony for me on a few songs. If successful in coaxing, teach her said harmonies.

#8 Around 5:00 warm up and get dressed

#9 6:30 leave for venue and set up and talk to the sound dude

#10 7:55 Breathe, pray, get on stage

#11 8:00 Get out of the way and let the songs speak for themselves

So there you have it! It is my 11 point plan for preparing for tonight's show. I think it's a pretty good one!

My soundtrack for this cleaning room session is the Beatles album, Rubber Soul.

Could it be more perfect? I think not.


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