NYC v LA in a cagefight. GO!

Good morning lovers,

I am on a Bolt Bus to Philadelphia from NYC as we speak. I love the modern age. 15 bucks and free wi-fi. Not a bad deal. My purpose in Philly is to serve my role as loving friend/made of honor to my gorgeous bride-to-be pal, Lauren Hall. I am very excited about this event - mostly to see two people who I really love tie the knot. I feel honored to be a part of such an amazing occasion. It really blows my mind when people get married. It's like I can't even comprehend it! It's something I want so badly and yet feel soooo far from, that when I am a witness to it, I get all excited! I feel like an explorer in a foreign land, taking notes and observing the natives in this weird commitment land. It's a land I would someday like to live in. But for now, I'll just be a tourist. I'm pretty good at that.

I was a tourist for a day in New York City yesterday, and I guess what I would like to blog about it how much LA kicks New York's ASS. In every way. Not that it's a competition, but I feel like a lot of people compare the two. You are either a new york person or an LA person. I am an LA person. Here is why:

I left Los Angeles at around 4:30 in the morning yesterday. It was a little chilly, beautiful morning. Bob Hope airport in Burbank was peaceful - white twinkle lights lining the palm trees - airport cargo workers waving us off as we taxied on the runway. Even at the butt crack of dawn, it was pleasant, smiley, and comfortable.

I arrived in NYC 5 hours later. It was 90 degrees and BALMY. A layer of sweat instantly covered my body. It took me two hours to get from JFK into the city - that was a train, a subway, and a taxi later. The smells and heat and personality of NYC always steal my inner comfort instantly! It is so in your face. All the time. There is no escaping the vibe of this city. It's like you're at a rave, 24/7.

If it was not for the vibrant arts scene and AMAZING friends I know and love in this city, I would not come here. Granted, there is always good food to eat, and maybe some of the greatest people watching in the world, but the general discomfort and grime that accompanies every excursion makes me want to curl up on a couch.

Give me the traffic of LA anyday. I'm in my car with my sunroof down, shades on, singing my songs and smiling at hotties in convertibles. In LA - you sort of choose what vibe you want to be in. The vibe does not choose you. In NYC, you have to surrender to the vibe. I think happy New Yorkers have done just that. They do not feel assaulted by the stench and the noise and the pace and the heat - because they have surrendered - they are a part of it! The flow of the city becomes their flow. I wonder if all the women in NYC get their periods at the same time...that's a really gross idea. But I bet it happens. And it's a full moon right now! Men of New York City, watch out!

So, long story short. In a cage fight, LA may not win. Because it doesn't care as much. It's too busy enjoying the sunshine. NYC would be all up in its face, punching and spitting and pissing and moaning and cheating, and LA would be like, "Hey man! Chill out. Have some mineral water and take a hike. It'll make you feel better. And hold this crystal, it will totally change your energy." So basically, LA would get it's ass kicked, but I've always been a pacifist at heart. So LA, I'm on your team. Let NYC do all the screaming and shouting, I'll be chilling with you at an outdoor cafe soaking up the rays and talking about yoga.

But hey, check out my friends band, The MLMs! They are based in Philly and I saw them last night at The Bitter End in Soho. This is an amazing track off their EP:

This is my jam right now. If you don't know Kate Miller-Heidke, check her out.

Alright, enough. Off to see my bride! Hopefully I'll get to do some updates throughout this wedding business. Pictures for sure!

Be nice to each other. Even in NYC. :)


  1. I love this post!! I agree NYC would kick LA's pansy butt. I love New York so much more. The intensity is makes you feel alive. There are so many things to grab on to and enjoy!

  2. That is true. Is is sort of like a carnival...but I hate carnivals! haha


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