Watch the Show Trailer!!!! April 24 @ 9pm!

Hello loves,

Today is a VLOG day. I'm gearing up for a very action packed weekend! My little brother Jesse is graduating from College! My whole family is coming out to celebrate! And I have a show on Saturday night at Room 5 at 9pm. It's time to partayyyyyyyyyy!

Watch the promo! Come to the show! Or send the love from afar.

We will be voting on a lot of new songs at the show - picking ones we love for the demo which will be recorded at Moontower Studio in Cambridge, MA in early June! yahoooooo!

Very excited.

Check it out!


  1. You crack me up!!! So sorry I can't be there, but I will see you next month at the WEDDING. Holy crap.

    Love your face. xoxoxo

  2. Love you too, my belle. Can't wait!


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