Open Apology: I have a dirty mouth

Dear blog readers,

After speaking with my mother today on the phone, I realized that I made a booboo. A big one. I make this mistake a lot, but this time it may have been overly vulgar.

I swear A LOT. I also have sort of an inappropriate way of talking about really awful things. I have a streak of dark humor in me. This last VLOG that I posted has some very dirty language in it, and I wanted to say I am so sorry if I offended anyone. Anyone at all.

I know that there are mothers and grandmothers and friends and dads and HOPEFULLY not little kids that read this blog. You all deserve to feel safe and comfortable when clicking on my blog - knowing that you will most likely not be attacked or offended by some horrible language. I may have overstepped a boundary yesterday, and I apologize.

That being said. Swearing sometimes happens in my world. And sometimes I feel like it's needed and ok. I will say that my blog is intended for mature audiences. If it was a movie, it would be R. But that does not forgive talking about gross situations in a vulgar way.

MY BAD!!!!!

I will only leave the said VLOG up for a day or two longer, then I will take it down.

Thank you all for sticking with me and forgiving my potty mouth and loving me anyway.




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