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Good morning,

I'm getting to know LA spring. It was high 70s, summer weather yesterday. I slept with my window open. This morning I woke up with a stuffy nose in a freezing bedroom! It's overcast and 60. Wha happened????

Today is a 'blogging in my underwear' day. I'm tired. A lot of sweet things happened this past weekend and I'm feeling a bit of the aftershock.

But there is not much time to sit and reflect. More is coming! I've got the video shoot for "Break My Heart" this weekend!!! How exciting is that. I need to seriously do some wardrobe work there. Jared will be playing my love interest. I know he will have no wardrobe drama because he wears the same thing everyday and always manages to look cool. Oh, to be a boy! I will be doing some 'behind the scenes' vlogging so stay tuned for that!

Also, I am planning out the recording of my new demo!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeehawwww, you guys. I'm going to travel back to Boston in June and record 5 brand new songs with my dear friend and kick ass musician friend, Dave Aaronoff, as producer. I'm very excited to write some more before June and really start to get a tasty selection of songs for this project. If any of you have heard some of the new stuff and have a preference, I would love to hear what you like. I want to make sure the songs that we record are the absolutely most successful and awesome tunes I have.


My next gig on April 24th at Room 5 @ 9pm will be interactive -- in a totally not scary way.

I will be passing out little 'ballots' to the audience - sort of like a score card. That night, I will be debuting a lot of new music. I will be asking the audience to let me know which of the new songs they would like to hear on a CD to take home! I will take that info and mixed with mine and Dave's opinion - create the most kick ass demo in the WORLD. I have been out to see live music before and heard one or two songs that I really love - and I have no idea how I will ever hear them again, and then maybe I don't. The song is forgotten- to me. This way, you will help me figure out what my hits are, AND you will get to choose what songs you will eventually get to have in your home library. It's a win/win! So I hope you all can make it out on the 24th. My entire family is going to be here from the East coast, so it's going to get WILD.

I'm listening to Bob Dylan this morning. Of course. There is just something healing about his music. I feel like he's washing my soul clean. Thank you BD.

"Down the Highway" - Bob Dylan


  1. Recording in Boston??? Would that happen to be in the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW RECORDING STUDIO IN THE WEST END HOUSE?!?!?!


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