Vegas or Bust! Part 2 of VLOG: What happend in Vegas

Hey folks,

Here is the PART DEUX of my journey to Las Vegas. Watch it to check out the circus that ensued. Maybe midgets. Maybe Elvis. Maybe cash money. Maybe none of those things! You'll never know if you don't watch!

Also, I am sending out my first official mailing list announcement today. It will include my show announcements and other goodies! If you do not receive it and you would desperately like to be on my mailing list, leave a comment here on the blog and I'll set you up, or e-mail me at

I will be singing in St. Thomas this coming week with the kick ass Choir, Essence of Joy Alumni Singers! I cannot wait to be on a beach sipping a cool non-alcoholic beverage! Stay tuned for blog updates and vlogging fun!

ALSO. I will be talking more about these things in the future, but save the dates:

March 25th at 8pm - Acoustic Idol Competition at The KeyClub in Hollywood
April 24th at 8pm - Fran Betlyon (me) with Jared Kuenstler at Room 5

Thanks for the love! I'll be in touch very very very soon.


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