Vegas or Bust! Fear and Vloggin in Las Vegas: part 1

Hello peeps,

I am in Las Vegas. For the first time. It's...special. In a lot of ways. I will do a full on WTF blog later. This edition is about the videos! I'm going to do a series in the month of March! Vlogs from Vegas and then a few Vlogs from St. Thomas - where I will be singing in less than 2 weeks!

Always make sure to tune in on Mondays to check out what is going on in the vlogsphere. Part 2 from Vegas will be posted next week. What will happen???....


  1. Oh my god I love this vlog!! I miss you so much. I'm in Boston L'in the D but I wish I were hanging out with you in Sin City, listening to you sing, and watching the Thunder from Down Under. (They are, in fact, Australia's Hottest Export.)

    Enjoy it, love!

  2. I miss you tooo! I would love to hang with you here! I couldn't convince the gay boys to see The Thunder From Down Under! What is that about!!!!! I'm going to buy a Beatles tee I saw at the Mirage. Love you!


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