It's Vlog day!!!! Written response to tattoo commentary and new Video song.

Hello lovers,

How are you today? I am in full on living life mode today. Trying not to hide under rocks. Getting myself out there and shaking things up. Really, what do we have to lose! Today is a vlog day. If you would like to simply enjoy the vlog, do so.

Below it is my response to everyone who so thoughtfully commented on my tattoo blog the other day. You all gave me so much to think about. It made me want to get an arm sleeve of your comments tattooed on my being. That being said. In all seriousness, let me take a second to respond.

The point was made and supported by a few souls that if there is a shred of doubt, I should not move forward with the mission. That the only time to permanently ink my body would be when I was 100% sure it was what I wanted. I think this is a good point. I want to be excited and certain in my mission. But I also know I have never felt 100% certain of anything in my life. Maybe other than the fact that I am human. So I think since it is something I want, I need to make a little comfortable room for some uncertainty.

The 'what about when I'm 80' sentiment seemed to have been squashed by 'live in the now.' And I am feeling that. Who knows if I will ever even be 80? And by the time I am, won't there be some sort of plastic surgery to completely cover up my wrinkly skin and make me look 12?
My insightful uncle (and brilliant blogger, podcaster, and twitterer - Len Edgerly) wrote this: When I look back 30 years from now and imagine an image or phrase I would have expected to hold my heart this long, the chances seem high that I would have picked something that would seem not so much embarrassing now, as simply out of date. But maybe that would simply be a pleasant reminder of decades gone by, kept alive on my skin. Happy deciding...
Yes, Len! 'kept alive on my skin.' I am not ashamed of how I am living my life today and I'm quite sure that a reminder of this time would be a beautiful thing.

Many were wondering what I was thinking of getting as a tattoo. This is more private at the moment. But it is definitely a quote from a poem/prayer that has meant a lot to me my whole life and continues to inspire me daily to surrender control and go with the Godly flow. It would be on my arm.

My friend Kathy brought up Hepatitis C as an issue. She is a nurse. That one scared the shit out of me, not going to lie. That being said if I get a tattoo it will only be a top of the line, clean as can be, reputable shop.

Dave suggested trusting my gut and walking out of any shop or artist situation that gives me the creeps. This is a definite must. And yet another reason why I'm glad I'm sober and can actually trust my sober gut!

All comments about going with your heart, your gut, staying true to me, living life for now! Yes, yes, yes, yes to all!

The ultimate decision is that I'm going to see what happens. If my sister comes and in the moment I am ready and happy and excited to get a tattoo. I will. If I'm still weary and questioning, I probably won't. I will wait until the time is right. But I will say that the likeliness of ink in my skin happening in the next year is over 89.9999%.

So thank you all for reading and responding! It is really a wonderful comfort to me and it keeps things exciting!!!

Check out the Vlog!



  1. Love your new song, Frannie! Also, I have to tell you that my Grandma follows your blog and listens to all your music!!! xoxo


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