New Show in the New Year! Jan 30, Room 5, @8pm

Morning folks,

How are ya'll. I know I've been sort of MIA from the blog lately. I have been on the longest vacation of my life. Holy crap. Completely unnecessary. I have now learned my lesson and it will not happen again, I promise! That is unless I am circling the globe.

Get excited tho! I will be playing a show to kick this year off right at Room 5 in LA on January 30 at 8pm!!! I have some new songs, a new appreciation for California winters, and I am chomping at the bit to play live for you all again! It's just too damn fun. Let's get it going. So SAVE THE DATE. Right now. I'll wait...........................................................................................................

Thank you! As you can see, Jared and I CAN'T WAIT to see you there.

I am very excited to come back to Los Angeles! I'm realizing that it is truly becoming my home and that makes me happy. I like my new home a lot. I miss my new friends, my mentors and teachers, my spiritual home, the ocean, the sun, my futon, my roomie, my car, my keyboard, my routine, my bandmate, I miss it all! I am excited about life. I really am!!!!!!!!!!

It has been wonderful to see my family and my friends on the east. What a blessing they all are. I never could have gained the courage and support to make the move out to LA on my own without them. The great thing is that they are still there. I do not feel as if I have lost one family for a new family on the West Coast. I just feel like I'm doubeling up. It's wonderful!

So I guess that's really all I have to say today. Nothing profound. Nothing new. Just wanted to tell you about the show. Please come and support! I love having smiling faces in the audience to sing and joke to. I'm thinking of somehow incorporating a llama into the act this time. Don't ask, JUST COME.

Enjoy this little ditty of joy from the new album from Dave Aaronoff & the Protagonists, "Legless" - the band I have had the pleasure of singing with in Boston for the past 3 or so years. This song is by Roy Acuff. It makes me want to smile and dance!

"Singing my Song up to Glory" - Dave Aaronoff & the Protagonists

1. coffee
2. musical friends
3. silence
4. yoga
5. waking up in the morning!


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