Learning to listen to Jiminy Cricket

Good morning -

How are you today? It's a little overcast in LA this morning - but the temp is mild as always. I have an Avatar date with my brother today at 3:15. Very exciting!

This morning in my meditation - I began thinking about something. haha. Not quite the most skilled meditator yet. But I have been thinking a lot about 'will.' Self will v. God' s will.

First of all Self will is the way of the world. That is how we function. I want a latte - I get it. I want a certain job - I go after it. I want a man - I go after it. Life on this planet is a crash course in how to get what I want as quickly as possible. HOw do I figure out what I want - and then how do I get it. The entire "Secret" phenom is based on this self will thing. If I hope and dream and manifest enough - I will get everything my heart desires.

This frightens me.

So often what we want comes at the expense of others. HOw often does our own self will guide us into self-less action and service to others? Not so often - unless we are looking for some kudos - some society points - a trophy for most charitable human. If our ego can be exalted - we're all about helping others. But is our own self-centered will and desire ever out of the way enough to truly serve the better good?

God's will is another can of worms. People do horrible things in the name of God. harm others - destroy cities, etc. all because they believe it is "God's will." It seems to be a way for the fundamental religious zealot to justify his own desire for power and destruction. Therefore, it is still ego-based: aka self-will dressing up as God's will.

Then there is the old saying - God willing.
"I'll see you next Tuesday."
"God willing."

"I hope your uncle feels better."
"God willing."

You get the point. If it is God's will - it will be done. I think that is a more passive way to follow God's will. Like, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing - but if it's God's will - maybe I'll survive. That's like saying - I'm going to drive my motorcycle off this ledge into an abyss of flames and poisonous snakes - but 'God willing' I'LL SURVIVE. My guess is that God is going to want to teach your ignorant soul a lesson and WILL you to die! hehe.

Anyway. The 'God's will" that I'm talking about is that divine intuition. It is a much subtler spiritual experience that I have a had in my life that I am learning to listen to much more. In the movie Pinocchio, this voice is Jiminy Cricket - you're conscience.

This voice whispers morality and loving kindness in your ear. This is the intuition that moves your feet into action when you don't know where you're going. When you know you are supposed to be somewhere, but you don't know why. This is the voice that asks you to hold the door for someone with their hands full - or hold the elevator, even tho you're not quite sure someone is coming. They always do. God is often whispering guidance in our ears - but do we listen? Do we take action? Or do we ignore the intuition and go about our self-centered ways.

I believe that if we are willing to surrender our own will - our own agenda - in service to God - or Love - or the greater good - Miracles can and will happen. And our lives will morph into something beautiful - greater than our own self-will driven imaginations could have desired.

I'm not quite sure how this happens. Obviously - ego is a huge part of my life. I'm sure it is for you too. Especially in my chosen line of work - thinking about myself and how to get people to notice and like me seems to be a huge part of it. I get caught up in vanity and selfishness - fantasizing about groups of people listening to my music and 'worshipping' me. Like that is going to be heaven. But I know it's not. I know that a life driven by my ego and self-will is going to lead to heartbreak and disaster. It's going to create a lonely, superficial existence. And whether I have material success or not - it will not matter - because my purpose will be empty and not backed by any universal good. It will not help anyone on this planet for me to rich and famous - not even myself. (I'm not saying that rich and famous people do not do a WORLD of good. I'm just saying - if that is the goal - it will not be for the good of the world. )

So anyway - moving out to LA has always been sort of a leap of faith for me. I was feeling called. I was feeling some sort of divine intuition to come out here. To sing. And to see what happened. Even tho self-will is still wrapped up in it, I am learning more day by day how to surrender my will and my life to God. To be of service. I want my voice to be of service. I want my life to be of service. I want to be conscious and aware and ready to go when God needs me. We really are the footmen. We are angels. God uses us all the time! And we don't even know it's happening. But the prayerful act of giving up your selfish agenda to be guided on a daily basis by God - by the loving presence in the Universe - that is a lofty and FABULOUS goal.

any life can be magnificent! Any human can change the world. GOD WILLING.

meditation helps. "Be still and know that I am God." Sit in silence and be guided. I know that if I develop this skill - I will develop a sixth sense - a sort of knack for hearing divine guidance. It is really an amazing practice.

Alright. Geeze. Some days I feel like a preacher or something. Sorry - it's my roots! Just know that I only write about what I need to learn about. I by no means think that any of ya'll need to learn this lesson. It is what I am learning - I'm excited about it - and it is a joy for me to share my thoughts with the cyber community!

"I can see Clearly Now" - Johnny Nash


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