See the Room 5 show right now!!!!

Hello lovers,

How are you? Things are good. I'm excited about the show. What fun! People came out to support - despite the horrible, paralyzing, California rain. It was a wonderful evening. I don't have much to say about it other than the fact that I absolutely LOVE what I'm doing and I can't wait to do more more more. It's like my new addiction. Haha. You don't know how excited I was after the show. I drank an espresso milkshake and stayed up all night going over footage from the show - and feeling completely and totally HIGH. I was on a cloud. And thank the good lord for that! I have been wanting to feel high - to escape - to feel bliss - so much for the last 60 days. You have no idea. There I was, realizing that my chosen profession actually gives me a high! It makes me feel good. Who needs booze and weed when you have THE STAGE! Who needs any sort of substance that eventually makes you feel like shit - when you have art, expression, performance, and love! I swear to God - I feel like I'm discovering that I had the secret elixir all along. Like this is the point in the movie where Dorothy realizes she could have gone home all along - just by clicking her heels. I have had this thing that brings joy to life since I was a little little kid. And I'm just now realizing that it can be my job and it can be my bliss and it doesn't have to be that hard. I just have to be open to it! Hot Damn!

Also - I will be booking another gig later today with Mitchell! And so we keep moving on!

Ok, so enough talk. Here is some footage from the show. It takes awhile to upload the videos - so I'll 'release' a few more tomorrow. For now, here are some gems!

"Can't Fall in Love" - a brand new song. I was worried it sounded like Taylor Swift - but nobody said anything, so maybe I'm just paranoid! Hope you like it. :)

"Ooh-la-la" - an oldie but a goodie from "The Casio Tapes." I sort of dig this very unplugged version with tambo.

"River" by Joni - I am in love with Joni Mitchell. Most of you know this. We wanted to do at least one holiday song - so I figured why not do one of the best. It is a total LA Christmas song, "it stays pretty green." We all want a river to skate away on - it's still HOT here.

I hope you enjoy the videos! More to come later this week.

I will be heading east very very very soon. Easterners - mark your calenders for January 2nd! I will be back with the ole boys - Dave Aaronoff and the Protagonists at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA. It's always a good time and I would love to see you all there!!!!!!!

Have a glorious day. Take an Emergen-C. It's good for you!

"Doo Wop" - Lauren Hill

Thank you for:
1. Clementines
2. sweat pants
3. yoga
4. surprise phone calls
5. inside jokes


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