the Readiness is all

Hello blog readers,

How are ye? I am doing just fine. Hanging out on the 3rd floor at my Grandparents' home in Cambridge, MA. It's peaceful. I can hear the crazy 8 degree wind blowing against the windows. It makes me feel safe to be warm and cooped up inside with an over sized sweatshirt on. There are some sublime things about New England winters.

A very cool thing happened to me the other day. I was speaking with some other people who are sober and and going through similar things to me. There was one man who I automatically did not warm to. He smelled. His jacket was worn and he had snot dripping onto his beard. He was breathing heavily and spoke with a very raspy voice. I did not want to make eye contact with him. Then he said something amazingly profound and simple. In reference to the path we are on - in reference to turning your life over to God - in surrendering to a power greater than yourself - in letting go of a substance that controls you - he quoted Hamlet "the readiness is all." That was it. I was knocked out of my funk. Woah.

I looked up the entire quote and found this - it is said right before Hamlet dies:If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all.

Of course Hamlet is talking about death and I don't want to go into a huge morbid blog. But the acceptance of that statement is profound and beautiful. He is accepting death. He is ready for it. Whether it comes now, or later - the readiness is all. The same applies to anything in life that we feel we have control over. We actually have none. We could die at any moment. We could fall in love at any moment. Life is really in control, not us. But what are we in control of? Readiness. We can be at peace with life. We can be prepared for the absolute best or the absolute worst - OR we can fight the natural course of things. We can struggle. We can manipulate. We can cling to people and places and things. We can reject the inevitable temporary nature of existence.

If we are thinking about the future - we are not ready for it to come. If we are obsessed with circumstances that we desire - hoping that they will occur - we are not ready for them. We will not even notice the opportunity when it is staring us in the face. Our job is not to create our destiny. Because unless you kill yourself - you are not in control over your certain death. Our job is to be ready. To live life like it is the last day here on earth. To treat people as we wish we would be treated. To be men and women of our word. To be healthy and happy and ready at any moment to help another human being and laugh out loud out of pure joy.

Are we ready for our wildest dreams to come true? Or are we hoping they will come true later...when we're ready for them. Because guess what? There is no later. There is only RIGHT NOW.

readiness is the difference between peace and turmoil. I choose peace. At least for today. I feel ready for absolutely anything. Bring it on.

I learned a great lesson from that man. His name was John. Wisdom speaks through the most unexpected portals. If you are switched off and stuck in your head and swirling with judgements, you are most likely missing out on some of the most amazing and beautiful life lessons here on earth. God speaks through the overlooked - through the underdog. It is only when you are attuned to the voice - or when possibly you are so desperate that you will listen to anyone and anything - that you hear divine wisdom. The sort of messages that rip you out of despair and into a better place.

So don't disregard anyone. The guy on the street or your nosy aunt or even your Dog. They might have a life-saving lesson to teach you. They might even quote Shakespeare.

"Romeo and Juliet" - The Indigo Girls

Thankful for:
1. playing guitar
2. singing
3. my brother
4. footie pajamas
5. unexpected sources

PS. I would just like to add a note that I had an AMAZING time in Philadelphia with one of my very best friends of all time, Lauren Hall. Ms. Hall - you are a wonderful host. I adore your choice of husband. I look forward to your nuptuals. Dinner at Zahav was absolutely insane! And just put a little lemon on it.



  1. "...the readiness is all" AMAZING FRAN BETLYON THAT WAS AMAZING knocked me outta my pants to be honest

  2. Thanks Jordan. You are one ready mother effer! xoxo

  3. Look, mom, I'm in the blog! Hahahahaha. Love you. xoxo

    P.S. Sending you a song via email that I think you'll enjoy...


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