The key to happiness. It's so easy!

Hello world outside my little world,

(I changed the look of the blog. This pic sort of freaks me out. Give me feedback! I heard that white letters on black was hard to read.)

How are you? I'm doing really well today, and I'll tell you why. I discovered the key to happiness. I really did. I have officially banned the usage of the SNOOZE button on my alarm. I will use it no more. If I could deactivate it, I would.

This bitchy little ass monkey device has been causing me misery for YEARS. I wake up, I'm a little groggy, I manage to talk myself out of whatever healthy, devotional, or physical routine I had planned for the morning, I hit snooze. When it wakes me again, I talk myself out of the shower, I'll wear a hat - I hit snooze again. When it rings for a third time, I am out of reasons to hit it, so I hit it anyway, because now I'm tired again. And thus starts the tone for the SHITIEST DAY EVER. Snooze was made by the devil, and I am eradicating it from my life.

So this morning, I didn't hit it. The alarm went off, and I woke up. I prayed. I did a little 10 min. meditation. I went to the gym. I came home. Checked my e-mails, made coffee, ate a yogurt, and started writing this blog. Fan-fucking-tastic morning!

We often don't pay attention to the little behaviors we have acquired that make us insane. We blame it on other things. Like "We woke up on the wrong side of the bed." What does that even mean? What we are actually doing is behavior that could be called loony. We are doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. I'm expecting that after I wake up from the SNOOZE alarm - I will be rested and in a better mood than when the regular alarm went off. But I NEVER am. I am always more tired, more grumpy, and then pissed that I wasted 35 minutes of my life having quasi bad sleep and pushing snooze. That is just plain nutso!

So the key to happiness is. Once you figure out what this insane behavior is that is causing you pain and misery...change it! Stop doing it! And see what happens. I know for me, it completely changed the color of my day. I've been waking up blue and this morning I woke! way better. Then - figure out the behaviors that actually DO make you happy - and do those. Seriously. ARe we all brain dead? Why have I not figured this out before. Fuck you snooze button and your ass face. I"m done with you. I'm on to happier mornings!

So - I have a very cool thing going on today. I'm meeting with a new good friend of mine who is an AMAZING stylist and fashion designer. She has been rocking the LA music scene for years. Her clientele list reads like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame roster. Well, this talented and wonderfully generous woman is styling ME for my show! We are going for a little shopping outing to H&M today- cuz ya'll know I need to do this on the cheap. I am so excited to have this professional and visionary artist helping me with my image. In this business, it really is half the battle. If you can look good - you get your foot in the door. Well, now I have help from someone who really KNOWS! I am so grateful for this unexpected and wonderful gift! Life really is amazing.

Ok, I'm off to do other productive things. I hope you are all having a good day - and if you're not...let me ask you this. Did you push SNOOZE this morning?

"Ain't no Stopping us Now" - McFadden and Whitehead

Thank you for:

1. the morning
2. disco music
3. free will
4. new friends
5. pretty clothes


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