It's raining in Los Angeles

Holy crap!!!!!! I woke up to a gloomy effing day. The first since I moved here almost 5 months ago. Rain in LA is hilarious. People are scared of it. It is like when it snows in the south. Everyone forgets how to drive, people cancel appointments, the world wants to stay in and shiver. I guess the oils from the ground also come up onto the streets - so they are very slippery. But other than that, this is one of the wimpiest rains I have ever seen and it is rocking LA's world. haha!

views from my balcony

I wonder if it's just the the community here is sceaming for a scapegoat. In New England - we can blame absolutely everything on the weather - depression, tardiness, anger, parking tickets, you name it! Here - there is no environmental demon to damn. It's just nice ALL THE TIME. But not TODAY!!! Yippeeeee! I've never been so happy about rain in my whole life. I want to dance in it! There are so many things I want to blame on the rain...wait - isn't that a song? "Blame it on the rain, blah blah blahblah blah bha, Blame it on the rain!" Is that Milli Vanilli? Those lip-syncing bastards!!

Ok, anyway. Rain blame. Damn you rain for making me push snooze 3 times! Damn you! Because of you, I cannot drive to go to the gym today - it's too dangerous! Because of you, I cannot pay my bills, because I have no stamps, and again - not driving - too risky! Because of you I'm eating a donut for breakfast because that's all we had in the house! Rain - you're making me fat! Damn you, Rain, for shattering my image of Los Angeles forever and crushing all my dreams of making it in the music industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok, that one was a little over the top) But hell yes! That felt good. I needed some passive aggressive weather blaming. I used to live in Boston for Gosh sakes! So, if you haven't got the picture yet, Rain - IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

Sweet. I feel great now. There is one thing I like about the rain - and that is that it's not snow. I know I will be experiencing the white stuff soon enough for the holidays - and although I don't really feel in the Christmas spirit yet with all this sunshine and rain - I think I'm content to wait on it. I was queen of Christmas in New England. Maybe I'll be a scrooge in Los Angeles. I think that suits me just fine. Then I can hop on a plane and let all the Christmas yippity jibbity affect me and I'll just get blasted with Christmas happiness!

Here is a question I have for Christmas. Why do you have to cost so much money? Just wondering. Because no one really has a bunch right now - and it'd be a lot cooler if you could just switch it up and make your day about love and hanging out...for free. Just think about it, Christmas.

Alright, that's it for me today. I will leave you with this and this:

"Blame it on the Rain" - Milli Vanilli

Thank you for:

1. Rain
2. the money we DO have
3. keeping us safe
4. piano keys
5. love love love


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