Don't eat Thanksgiving Leftovers

Hello world,

I had to dig myself out from under a rock today. Yesterday I had a bout with food poisoning. That's right. I ate Thanksgiving leftovers - I guess that was not a good idea. I got knocked on my ass. I never thought I would wake up and puke again -- with the whole no drinking thing -- but low and behold: It seems it's possible to get a 'food' hangover. And it sucks!

But I'm back in the saddle after a day of no food and all sleep- ate a protein, animal style hamburger from In and Out this morning and am having no problems keeping it down. Sooo delicious.

I guess due to sickness, there is not much to report. Life is pretty good. When it all comes down to it - there is nothing to complain about. Not today. I have my health, I have a purpose, I have loved ones, the sun is shining, and life is beautiful. That's not to say that life is fun 24/7 - but it is definitely a beautiful thing.

I think I'll go write a song. Here is one for you today - along with some gratitude.

"Mr. Blue Sky" - Electric Light Orchestra

Thank you for:

1. hamburgers
2. sun
3. writing music
4. my def leppard t-shirt
5. meditation


  1. Hey Fran,
    Just checking out the blog... sounds like you're doing really well for yourself and loving life out west (except for that whole food poisoning thing). I'm really happy for you, and I hope to see you singing with EOJAS sometime soon! St. Thomas, perhaps? Keep eating those burgers and writing those tunes... And where can I hear this new music?


  2. Hey Parise! I'll be in St. Thomas, most definitely! Can't wait. I'm writing and writing. Once I have the perfect 3, a demo will be made. till then, I'll post some vids or something. can't wait to see you!!!!!!


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