Christmas Crazies and more footage!

Hello world,

In an inspired moment of meditation this morning - I finally figured out what to do for Christmas prezzies this year. I have been at a loss until this moment. I think it's all this sunshine and hot weather. I'm in fall/summer mode. Anyway - the clock is now ticking because I have two days to complete my Christmas mayhem and then I'm off on my journey East. My Scrooge hat is officially coming off - it's Christmas time! Also - I have a cough and it's bad. GO AWAY.

I wanted to share a few more videos with you from the show at Room 5.

This is one of my favorite new songs. We added the banjo this time around - and I think it is perfect! Hope you like.

This is a brand new song called "I'm Invisible". It's a work in progress - but I really loved sharing it with the intimate crowd at Room 5.

"The Crush" is the first track on The Casio Tapes. I LOVE the version Seth and I created. It was actually the first track we finished on the album. We were so proud and psyched! This is "The Crush" re-discovered. It's more intimate, more vulnerable, more current.

So there you have it, crew! Little snippets of my current life - my current musical process. I wish you all could be here to share it with me. It's very fun.

Well, I'm off to the art store for glitter pens and the grocery store for lemons and ginger. Lots to do!

This is one of my all time favorite Christmas tracks.

"Christmas Time is here" - Vince Guaradi

Thank you for:
1. hot water with lemon
2. inspiration
3. Christmas!
4. warm socks
5. being alive


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