Steve-O is stalking me

Things are looking up, Kitty,

Alright, dearest. I believe I have managed to get out of the funk. F#@* the Funk. Here is how it was beaten. Yesterday I went to gym, I talked to my Dad, I went and got a rotisserie chicken and potato salad from Ralph's, I ate them, I drank coffee and got inspired, I wrote a song, I recorded it, I went and met with a new friend and talked about life.

So there you have it! That is how I beat the blues. I think God has a pretty big part to play in that considering it was pretty hard to get out of bed. Sometimes it is seriously only by his grace that I get up in the morning. But I did. And I put on sneakers. And the rest is history. So Hallelujah!

Here is the latest in STAR WATCH:

I saw Steve-O from Jackass AGAIN! This time in a coffee shop. He was being funny and telling a beautiful story about God. It was so strange. First the Self Realization Fellowship, then God stories. What's up with Steve-O! I can't believe he's not running around town half-naked and wasted, pooping on stuff. I think Steve-O found God!
Anyway, here is the test. If I see him a THIRD time, I will start to be a little freaked. It's like the time in Cambridge when I literally ran into - I mean physically - John Malcovich. Like 3 times in 3 weeks. It was creepy and awesome and I have no idea what it meant. Most likely absolutely nothing. But it was fun!

Besides my general music stuff I have two important things going on today.

1. I have to wash my freaking ass car. Anyone who lives on the East Coast does not have this problem much. I think I went two years without pulling my car through a car wash once. You just don't need it! It rains all the time. But out here in the desert - dust, ash, dirt, and life stick to your car and stay there. It is dry and it all dries and hardens onto your car. Therefore, you must wash it. I am an undisciplined character. So it is really hard for me to acquire new habits. But today, I am going to the carwash - and the reason I know I will go is because I wrote it in the freaking blog.

2. I'm going out to a supper club tonight called Catalina's. My dear friend and mentor, Amanda McBroom, fabulous writer of "The Rose", is performing her cabaret act of Jacques Brel songs. She is an amazing light in the world and I love seeing and hearing her on stage. You just feel absolutely loved and enveloped the entire time she is up there. I cannot wait! It is also a rare occasion that one 'dresses up' in LA. This is a flip flops and jeans sort of town. That attire is pretty much fine anywhere, anytime of day. But tonight - LA be damned - I'm dressing up. I'm wearing a hot dress and jacket, red lipstick, fake eyelashes, and heels. So eat it, LA! This is a special night and requires a special outfit.

Alright lovers. I am off. Remember to keep it real and live the dream and get out of bed every morning - because no matter how you feel, no matter what is going on, YOU ARE ALIVE!

"Us" - Regina Spektor

"By 'guts', I mean grace under pressure." - Ernest Hemmingway


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