Singers inspiring singers

Good morning world,

How are you? I'm doing well. I'm sitting at Mossimo's. My new favorite. It makes me feel good.

Last night went well at the open mic. I just love singing there, no matter how many people are in the room. Rebekah White - a new partner in crime - was the featured singer/songwriter. She is an amazing writer and is really making her way in this crazy world of singer/songwriterness. I think she could be a great help and friend! It was really neat to listen to someone's music who I relate a lot to, who has been writing for a lot longer than me. Her structure and melodies are more sophisticated. It was cool! I felt like the more I keep at it, the better I'll get - for sure. It's a good thing to be inspired by your peers!

There is another singer and another song that is rocking my world right now. I bought this record a couple of months ago, but never really digested it before. Thank God for singers like this. Have a great day!!!!


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