Reflections on Thanksgiving and family time

Good morning little ones,

I'm sitting outside at the Coffee Bean down my street. It's another beautiful day. I'm really thankful for that. My Thanksgiving extended weekend was wonderful. It was great to see my brothers and sisters and spend time with my Mom. Despite our complete neurotic-ness in the kitchen we managed to cook a pretty damn tasty meal. Everyone pitched in - everyone ate too much - and everyone was exhausted come 1pm. Lots of laying around and groaning. I guess that's what you should expect out of Thanksgiving. Being grateful. Getting overexcited about food. And then sort of feeling miserable. The cool thing about having Thanksgiving in California is A. you spend the entire day in you pajamas B. It's not freezing cold and C. You can get in the jacuzzi on your roof after the stuffing of your body. (My 'food baby' did not go down for at least 24 hours - so the bathing suit incident was attractive!) Here is another word to the wise - aka the Thanksgiving orphan attempting to cook a meal for friends at home - Do not put out a huge cheese tray an hour before the meal. Here's why. Everyone will eat it - all - get completely full and bloated on cheese - not be able to finish their plates when the real meal comes - and not be able to go number 2 for a LONG LONG time. I'm just saying. Skip the cheese. I know it's delicious. That was my major First Thanksgiving ever blunder. NEVER AGAIN. (To cheese: I still love you)

-- JanAlex, me, Jesse, and Mack at The Grove after seeing "Fantastic Mr. Fox" on Thanksgiving Day.

After my bro and sis got on a plane back to Pennsyltucky, My Mom and brother Jesse did some neat things around LA. Mom and I discovered the Getty - one of the most beautiful museums I have ever been too. Maybe even more beautiful than the Musee D'Orsay. This is because the museum was designed to highlight the nature surrounding it. It's almost as if the buildings grew out of the ground. Beautiful gardens, fountains and sculptures surround the many buildings filled with inspiring art.

What a gorgeous day. My mom and I laid in the grass while little kids rolled down the hill all around us. It is a favorite memory for me.

That day I also got to play a little private concert for my mom in my bedroom. I shared my new songs and a few oldies with her. It was a really special moment for me. There is nothing like playing your music for your parent. They can't help but love the shit out of you. She cried at many of the songs. When I saw those tears - it made me feel as if I was expressing something true. If anyone knows me - it's my Mom - and she was moved. Now - I know it's Mom - and mom's love everything you do. But my mother is like me in that she cannot hide anything in her face. You can tell if she loves or hates something or doesn't get it automatically. And my mother was beaming!
(Here she is at the Beverly Wilshire)

Listening to me sing for her made her remember a summer we lived in Jordan - my Dad was an archaeologist on a dig there. I was 5. I would get up on the stone wall in the back yard and sing and perform for my mother in the sun for hours. She was like, "I want you to know that no one ever pushed you to be a performer and a singer. You have been doing this - writing songs, singing, performing - since you came out of the womb." Well - I'm glad I finally owned up to this fact, grew a pair, and came out here to pursue my calling. It's about time! I'm a banana. I can stop trying to be an apple now.

We have had some other wonderful moments - shopping, going to the Lakeshrine,seeing 'Mary Poppins' at LA's version of Lincoln Center, and drinking hot chocolate at the fancy-shmancy Beverly Wilshire Hotel (courtesy of my roomie). It has been a great visit! I never thought my Mom would love LA. And she does. For all you east coasters who think LA is a crime-ridden, concrete, crap hole - even my MOM likes it. She is the most new englandy of the new englanders! Give it a try. You will most likely find out that you like sunshine!

This is my mother's last day in town. I have a lot going on to prepare for the show on December 12th - some recording to do of demos, etc, - some writing to do - and things to promote. It's back to the grind and I'm really glad about that. I have had too many days 'off' lately. Vacation and chill time is fun - but when you love your work, you are always ready and waiting to get back at it! Amen for that. I hope to have a lifelong love affair with my career. It seems more possible today than ever!

Alright, fabulous people. You have a very short stretch before it's another holiday/vacation. Get crackin - get gifts - make those plans - hopefully I will see some of you on the East Coast soon.

ya dig?

Happy Being Me - Angie Stone

"Praise God, even when you don't understand what He is doing." - Henry Jacobsen


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