Quality of life: 80% and on the rise

Good Morning Kitty,

It’s a beautiful day here in Los Angeles. Huge surprise! The sun is shining and the sky is blue. That is the way life is here. You don’t want to act spoiled, but you’re pretty much expecting the perfect day. And you most always get it. And autumn in California is basically a mixture of the best days of spring and fall you get back east without the gloomy rainy ones. So, long story, short. I dig it.

Yesterday was a great open mic at Genghis Cohen! Everyone who performed was good and we all fed off of each other’s songs and creativity and there was just this vibe - an excited - we’re making music vibe. I love it. I dedicated my song “Preacher’s Daughter” to the other two blond preacher’s daughters I met singing the song a few weeks ago. It’s funny how music can bring people with a common experience together. It’s like our little Preacher’s Kid clique. The Open Mic there does exactly what it should do. There is no competition and no talking during sets - you watch and respect each artist for exactly who they are in that moment and what they have to offer - they do the same for you. At the end of the night, you walk away feeling inspired to go write some more songs! I want to give a shout out to a few peeps who make it cool.

Billy Kent runs the show. He is a completely original, wonderful man and singer/songwriter. He just digs music. Check his site out here!

Rebekah White is a singer/songwriter who I’ve befriended who is really making a splash on the scene. She is a preacher’s kid and a fabulously talented woman who is really going far. She has a show this Friday at the Cabana Club in LA. Check her out!

The Tyler Lane Band - has opened up for the night these past couple weeks and I’m really a fan. I think they are unique and make beautiful music. Check em!

You know you are in the right place when you are inspired and challenged by your surroundings. Hallelujah!

In other news, I now have 36 days without any sort of substance. Current things I am substituting with: exercise, coffee, cool ranch Doritos, 12 step meetings, The Golden Girls, and the occasional cigarette. Now, I know this list seems completely random and not healthy, weird, and effed - but you try going without something you went with almost everyday for a long long long time! It’s freaking ass hard. Last night at the show, I sat next to a friend who was drinking a Guinness AND a Jameson at the same time. All I smelled for 3 hours was whiskey. Good thing I hate whiskey. The last time I really enjoyed a shot of Jack - I peed my pants on stage during a show with the Protagonists. NOT my finest moment. It’s fond little memories like that that keep me on this course. Because you know what - I have done nothing regrettable in the last 36 days. I feel present and generally very content with life. I’m uncomfortable as all hell in social situations - but I’m getting over it. I’m learning how to ‘just be me’ again - all the time - even when it sucks. I’ve noticed myself making jokes that are really not that funny or trying to fit in with people/get close to them really quickly - it just doesn’t work without booze. Relationships take time and humor is not always something that is shared. Try accepting that little fact! Alcohol was the great equalizer and the great heightener for me. It made everyone my friend and everything funny. Guess what - without it - everyone isn’t your friend and everything isn’t funny. But you know what, that’s ok! And I’m finding that the relationships I AM making and the funny moments I AM enjoying are much more quality! And hell, it’s quality, not quantity, right? Right.

Alright, I am off! Have a lot going on today and my first rehearsal with Jared for our show on December 12 at Room 5 at 9pm. YOU’RE COMING, RIGHT?

Have a grrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaattttttttttt day!

"Papa was a Rodeo" - The Magnetic Fields ( a song I found courtesy of an old theater pal - Rob Campbell)

"The good ole days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems" - Billy Joel


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