Lets stuff our faces with food

Morning little world,

Just a few thoughts today. I needed to clear my head as the holiday literally comes screeching into my presence! My mother and I are off to Whole Foods today to buy food and pies n crap. I am imagining shoving. Lots and lots of shoving. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you walked into a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and there was no one in there. You could sort of run around and race through the aisles and sing Christmas carols??? That is a pipedream I am going to hold on to until 9:30 am. Please God, Please.

I am starting to get a little anxiety about cooking. I am just not a natural cook. I have to work hard at getting things mashed and mixed and baked and timed. There is no grace involved. It is all sweat and tears. I guess I'm grateful to have my mom with me so we can sweat and cry and laugh it out together. It's sort of the opposite of "There will be Blood." "There will be laughter!" I just hope the food is good, because I want to eat a shit ton of it. I am all about this gluttonous holiday tradition. I'm not going to intellectualize something so simple. Families get together and pig out. And America is not the only country that does this. Everyone who has food and family does this. It's fabulous. I celebrate it! Happy happy stuff your face day.

I thought this clip was pretty funny. Remember "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy? The old segment on SNL? Well, he made this other segment called "Fuzzy memories." This one is about Thanksgiving. Watch it!

I'm wishing you all a wonderful holiday. Be grateful for what you have. If its a dog and some chinese take out. Say Thank you, world! If it's a huge turkey and tons of family. Say Thanks! We are all a bunch of lucky bastards.

Lots of love!

"The Luckiest" - Ben Folds


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