Family and featured artistry

Morning Monday lovers,

How are you all? I'm doing pretty well. I'm excited this morning. Two members of my family are flying to LA on a plane tonight and one more is flying out here tomorrow! That equals 3! Plus my brother that already lives here - equals 4. 4 equals LOVE. I am in such need of some unadulterated, unconditional, un-NEW, lovins from my family. I just want to hang out with them and relax and just be and probably eat a crap load of food. That will be good too. yay for American traditions done right! I will be cooking my official first Thanksgiving meal this year. My mother is here to help. She is bringing her potato masher in her suitcase. I have no expectations of deliciousness - all I'm pretty much expecting is hilariousness. There is one thing I will not compromise on - and that is stuffing with gravy on it. We are going to be making gluten free stuffing as well as original. As long as it is made of bread and will soak up the fattening brown sauce, I will have the best Thanksgiving ever.

I have some very cool news this morning! A website called "Make Your Own Kind of Music" or MYOKOM got wind of my music somehow and asked if they could make me the FEATURED ARTIST of the week! MYOKOM, formally an independent Music Label, is now making it's mission to feature talented artists who are 'un-known', 'un-signed' & 'overlooked.' Apparently, this week - I am that gal! Check out my page here! This is a great way to get people who NEVER would have heard of me to listen to my music. Very cool. Thank you MYOKOM!!!

Well - I need to go brace myself for company. I have a lot of cleaning to do amongst other errands! Life is good.

Here is my jam for the day:
"Waste of Paint" - Bright Eyes


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