Clouds and dreams and facebook fan pages

Morning world,

I am sitting at my favorite coffee shop - The Mudspot. Got a seat outside today. Can I just say Hallelujah for beautiful, warm weather in mid- November with a sky like THIS:

Life is good. So I am going to get some stuff done on my career today. I have been putting off creating a facebook 'fan' page because...well basically I don't know if I even have fans (parents and best friends excluded). But I decided to follow the old 'Field of Dreams' moto: IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. So if you are reading this and you notice that there is a fan request in your life later on today or sometime this week - go ahead and push 'accept.' Really, what is it gonna hurt! If you're not a fan, fake it till you make it. :)

My wonderful friend Nicole - who acted as the impromptu merch girl at the last gig - is taking it upon herself to be kick ass. She is getting the word out about my music - handing CDs to peeps, researching blogs, telling DJs and radio peeps. She basically rocks and I'm so excited to have another enthusiastic partner as I go about shamelessly self-promoting. It does get old. Its nice to have someone else thinking about me - other than me. haha. If any of you out there have any brilliant ideas about PR or any connections to the music world - give me a shout and let me know. You never know what can come out the most random connection! I already found out that the gig website I joined - where my online press kit is - was created by my best friend's girlfriend's best friend. WTF!!! You never know.

Last night, I was sitting with a friend at this California chicken place - hate the food, don't know why I go there - and there was this attractive, young man sitting next to us eating alone. He could not help himself and was listening to our conversation - then he just burst in. He was so excited about what we were talking about. He is an aspiring actor/model with plans for world domination. What a sweetheart - so excited, so full of life, so ready to make the world remember his name. He seriously belonged in the movie "Fame" - old edition. Well - we were kindreds immediately and when he left the restaurant he said, "See you at the top, baby!" It was hilariously adorable. As was the moment he showed us pics of him partying with Lindsey Lohan at a club. haha. This is one of the reasons I love LA. People have dreams here. Even older people have dreams here. They don't give up - they keep going. The sky is always freaking blue here. There is always someone looking on the bright side - and if you engage with the general public - they want to engage with you about their vision, their dream, their passion. It's a really wonderful thing. Of course there are people with broken dreams as well. There is a lot of homelessness and drug abuse and everything else that is all over the world. But I think in general - there is a higher percentage of people who are striving to make their artistic dreams come true and are engaging with life in a creative and hopeful way.

Me likey.

"Rainbow Connection" - Willie Nelson

"God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars." - Martin Luther


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