Mudspot, Paranormal Activity, and Plastic Surgery commentary

Here I am at my new 'hang' - Mossimo's Mudspot.

I'm in my favorite comfy chair, they are playing Stevie Wonder again, and the iced coffee MURDERS starbucks and CoffeeBean. Also, I walked here. Yes, you heard that right East Coast LA haters. It is about a 5 minute walk from my house and it is the most adorable neighborhood coffee shop ever. Local art on the walls, local pastries in the cases, and a home-grown feel. I was sitting in here the other day thinking --- it would be really fun to play here! So I checked out the website and looks like all you have to do is ask. So there you have it. I"m going to play here at the Mudspot. Onward and onward.

(Oh. And I just checked the website you are supposed to go to contact the booker for the coffee shop. It was the site for the cute barista working about two feet from me. And there are photos of him nude on there. awkward. Ok, still wanna play here though!)

Ok also. I saw the movie "Paranormal Activity" last night. It is another one of these films like 'Blair Witch Project" - filmed with a handheld, using less than model-hot actors to make you believe that the story/footage is real, and in this case that a woman was being haunted and possessed by a Demon. It was sort of scary, but what was hilarious was that at the end of the film after a big printed statement thanking the families of the victims and the local police for releasing the footage - there is a fine, tiny print 3 paragraphs - then the credits roll. Lucky for us, we were watching a pirated dvd of the movie, so we paused it. It reads that the story, characters, and footage in the film were all fictitious and in no way represent anything real ever in a world. HILARIOUS. It made me laugh at how gullible people are! There is so much buzz about this movie about a couple being possessed by a demon that is real! We want to believe in fairy tales. I think that it somehow makes our lives more acceptable if we can believe that all bad things are caused by demons and all good things are caused by angels and little fairies are granting wishes and unicorns are prancing about on rainbows. We sure do love anything that brings us out of reality and into a fantasy - even if it is a nightmare. What's even better is that some of my roomie's friends had googled the movie and apparently found the footage the movie was based on - proving that it was real and based on a true story, blah blah blah. I googled it this morning and the first thing I found was this:

What are these people's google skills??? It says right there in HUGE print who the actors, director/writer/producers are and that it isn't real. Oh geeze. Even google can't save us from our delusions.

Also. I have a Los Angeles observation to report. A MAJOR stereotype that I have been trying to ignore is just too obvious for me to ignore anymore. There is a serious plastic surgery epidemic here. And I'm not just talking boobs. The boobs are a given and they are everywhere. I don't really notice them because...well I'm not a dude, but what I DO notice almost every day is what I call 'Cat Face' - which is an older, once beautiful woman, who now looks like a cat who got punched in the mouth. It looks like a mask and there are literally THOUSANDS of women in Los Angeles and SoCal who look like this. It breaks my heart and freaks me out. It is sort of scary when you're walking down the street and this is in your face:

It's startling and not natural. In LA you literally see a gaggle of women having coffee who all look EXACTLY THE SAME. Because they went to the same effing doctor and got the same nose, lips, cheeks, and chin. It's disgusting. Here we have the most obvious example I can think of 'God knows best.' When God created each little person in this world - he sort of crafted you in a way. It was beautiful and natural. Then as you age - the natural course is that things soften, droop a little, become lined - like a tree. Aging is beautiful too. When you play 'God' in your life - when you decide that you reject the natural flow - that actually YOU know best, things go wrong. When you have more faith in a dinky, shallow doctor with a scalpel then you do in Universal law or God or nature - I think you might be disappointed with the results. And the results are that you look like a freakshow. It saddens me that youth and beauty are the gods that many LA women pray to. They would sell their souls for a few more years of being 'hot.' And the kicker is that they are deceived. They think that they have cheated nature. That they have found the key to eternal youth - but really they look ridiculous and sad. I wish I could get all the 'Cat Faces' in a room together and wave a magic wand and get their natural face back. I feel like it would be giving beauty back to LA and giving love and self-acceptance back to a population that believes that their worth is literally only skin deep.

Here is a more positive LA observation. It is gorgeous, sunny, and 63 here in Los Angeles. And I feel really absolutely fine about that!

Here is your moment of OM:

"Beverly Hills" - Weezer

"I modelled my looks on the town tramp." - Dolly Parton
"It's a good thing I was born a girl, because otherwise I'd be a drag queen." - Dolly Parton

(OK - Dolly rules. Not gonna lie, she can do whatever she wants. She is the original cat face and I love her.)


  1. Love the photo at the top of the blog!!

    No cat faces please, "we're British!"


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