Monday preparations: open mic, laundry, and going home

Good morning kitty,

It's monday. Monday, Monday, dadadudada sometime is just turns out that way. What a good song!

I slept in today. Basically because I did not sleep much this weekend, so now I'm paying for it. It's ok tho. I'm up, I'm atom, I'm yoga-ed, I'm meditated, and I'm ready to do shit.

Highlights of the weekend: having a Taco Party in Ventura with Jesse and the Brooks School crew - hilarity ensued as usual - except this time it involved a wide variety of tacos. Also - meditating at the SRF - and feeling at home there. Also - watching 'Fame' in my pj's in public at the Grove (It was a spontaneous thing) and getting all psyched and excited to come home and play music and write. It was funny.

Today I have some important tasks like practicing and doing laundry. I am off to Boston on Wednesday and have realized that I'm wearing my 4th tier clothes lately. I really need to get some laundry done! I'm singing out at the open mic at Genghis Cohen tonight - want to try out a few songs I've never played live. So that should be good. It always makes me nervous to do that, but that is the beauty of the open mic - it's a low pressure zone. You could get up there and suck bigtime and people will still clap and no one came to hear you play anyway, so it doesn't matter. YAY! Also my new favorite friend and hairdresser, Billy Kent, runs it and he is the man!

As my trip home gets closer and closer I'm realizing how actually homesick I really am. And when I use the word 'home' in sick, I mean where my loved ones are. I just miss em. Boston - I miss you too - but it's mainly the little things - like a brisk breeze, an overcast day, a walk down Brattle street to Harvard Square, or a meal at Zuzu. MOstly I miss my family and my friends. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU guys. So there you have it. MOving a million billion miles away from home is uber exciting and really fun and most of the time it kicks ass and some of the time it's hard and you miss that simple, no questions asked, no buts about it, no effort made, unconditional love. I"m coming to get it and I'm coming to give it.

For all you Bostoners - do not forget about Saturday October 17th at the Plough and Stars. BE THERE! It's going to be a rip roarin blast and you know it and I can't wait to see you.

In our latest STAR WATCH:

Steve-0 - that crazy head shaved dude from 'Jackass' - apparently interested in meditation because he was at my church - but I walked behind him and his girlfriend around the lake and all he could do was say dumb comments about organized religion and how he didn't get the sermon. But, I'm gonna give him props for searching out peace of mind and having a really huge smile on his face. Way to go Steve-O.

Here is your moment of Fran Zen:

Monday Monday - The Mamas and the Papas

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven


  1. Word is out at the WEH that you're headed back east. You will break hundreds of children's hearts if you don't make an appearance.


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