Cleaning house and STAR WATCH report


Just a quickie. I'm going to be taking care of chores and such today - all the things I consider 'not fun' and push to the side for some magical time when they are going to get done. Well today is that magical day!!! Yahoo!!!

Yesterday I started the process of applying for SXSW music festival in Austin, TX this spring. It is probably the most important music industry event of the year - and I'm trying to put together the most awesome, best looking application. The process requires creating a profile for this virtual booking site called SoncBids. You have to upload songs, lyrics, setlists, band bio, instrumentation, gig calender, discography, photos, etc. It's very involved and I spent a lot of time getting creative yesterday figuring out how I wanted to 'package' myself. It's pretty much a virtual 'press kit.' If you will. I virtually have NO press, btw, so if anyone wants to write a last minute review or blog about my music or something, that might be helpful. haha. Wish me luck, ya'll!

Also I have the latest in STAR WATCH!

I was browsing through books and smelling candles at my favorite spiritual book shop in LA called The Bodhi Tree. All of a sudden I hear a loud booming voice hurdling towards me, "Do they have anything for DREAMS?" I look to my left. First I see a huge pair of lips, then I see Janice Dickinson.

"I've been having nightmares," she exclaims, looking at me like I should have the answer. (I inwardly start wondering if my red lipstick looks ok because she is STARING into my skull.) I say, "That's awful. Let's see." (start perusing through the candles.) "This one is for peace - that would sort of combat nightmares, don't ya think?" Janice replies, "Peace? Yeah, I guess that'll work."She grabbed it out of my hand and walked away. I stood there in shock, "Did Janice Dickinson just ask me for spiritual/life help?" I later saw the candle stashed next to the hindu God and Goddess candles - apparently she traded it in for a Krishna or something, who the hell knows. RANDOM and sorta rude. But delightful! She was as abrasive and somehow refreshing and attractive and scary as she is on TV. But the thing that really struck me was her entitled way of walking around the store and interacting with people. She was using her 'outdoor' 'look at me' voice in a place that might as well be a library. People are in that store to read and contemplate - not listen to Janice Dickinson's latest fiasco. But it was pretty funny and great addition to Star Watch. So, rock on, Janice! You keep telling yourself that you were the first supermodel ever and I hope you get rid of those nightmares!

Alright, kiddos. That's it for today. They are having a Halloween party at the Gardenia open mic tonight. I'm thinking of going. It sounds absolutely hilarious. I'll let you know.

Moment of Fran Zen:

"When I Grow Up" - Fever Ray

"My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors." - Bette Midler


  1. That is absolutely the best, most hilarious star watch moment ever.


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