A bit of a road block

Morning Kitty,

My freaking guitar is broken. That's right. It is cracked all along one side. Don't ask me how this happened, because I don't know. Because I am the way I am, my guitar has experienced many little bumps throughout her life. But for some reason, one of em yesterday must have been too much! So I'm taking her to the doctor. I'm a little stressed because the show is tomorrow and my baby is split wide open!!!!!! For the love of God. What I really need to be doing right now is practicing, but I'm on my way to Guitar Center to see if they can fix her today. I really hope they can. This is a 911 emergency situation people! Please pray for my Martin.

In other news the show is going to be great! I highly suggest it to you AND your friends. ROOM 5 LOUNGE - 10/24 - @ 8PM. Jared and I are very pumped. I can't believe it's time and I also just want it to be here right now so I can stop being nervous. This is a first for me and it feels good, but it feels like a first. I have no idea what to expect. I guess that's a good thing. I am trying not to indulge or deny the tiny little voice in me going "Please love me!" The performer's curse.

I'm not going to lie about it blog world, but I'm going through some hard stuff right now. You know when they told you it was all candy canes and lolly pops? They lied. I'm not going to go into messy personal details. We'll save that for the memoirs. What I will say is changing your life in a fundamental way and sticking with it can be very difficult. It requires fierce dedication, commitment, and honesty with yourself and others. It requires an ability to stay in the day - because the future can be overwhelming. And it requires faith. A lot of faith.

Loves ya'll.

Moment of song and words:

"The Story" - Brandi Carlile

"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar." - Jimi Hendrix


  1. Gd has a good sense of humor Fran. Of course your guitar broke today! I know for sure it will work out and tomorrow is going to be amazing. I've been listening to your muzak all week!

  2. Want to be there!!!!!!!

    Love you darling! Have fun and just do what you do best, which is SING!


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