Back in the Saddle

Good morning blog readers,

You may or may not have noticed that I have had a brief hiatus from the blog. I've been way out of my daily routine while visiting home and unfortunately blog time was not to be had for most of it. But here I am, back in the saddle, sitting at my neighborhood 'Coffee Bean' with a hot brew and some cottage cheese. I'm ready to go. It's been too long, sweet kitty.

The first thing I noticed when my plane touched down in Los Angeles is that there was no one to meet me. A stark difference from kissing my mother goodbye at the Logan airport in Boston. My roomie was out of town as well, so for my first 40 hours in LA - I did not see one person I knew. It was a bit of a shocker coming from a long week of constant hang outs, dinners, love, hugs, deep convos, and laughter. It was really nice to be home - but I have to say it made it a little harder to come back West. The loneliness set in a little bit. But I will say one thing for my wonderful chosen city of residence - the people are so friendly here that it is almost impossible to be lonely if you enter into the world.

Here is how LA cured my loneliness blues yesterday:

1. my meter by Starbucks was out of order. A guy with his girlfriend were heading to their car and he just ran up to me and was like "The meter is out! Mine was too, but I called the parking people and asked what to do. They said to write a note on your windshield that says "meter failed" and you won't get a ticket."

Thank you, kind sir! My system was shocked out of Boston mode. Immediately.

2. I headed to Guitar Center on Sunset and spent the next 35 minutes laughing and chatting with a punk rocker from Bristol, England. He helped me get all I needed and was one of the friendliest salesmen I have ever met. His name was Stephen.

3. Later in the day I went out to my open mic at Genghis Cohen. Met my friend Billy Kent. always a good time. And met another very talented, young, blonde singer songwriter named Rebekah White who wants to collaborate and sing with me. Delightfully random and unexpected friendship!

It's a very easy city to be alone in. As long as you get yourself out there. Then the people around you want to know you, want to chat, want to see why for some crazy reason you showed up in their hemisphere. It's really refreshing.

I have a lot going on to get ready for the show on Saturday at Room 5. Last night's performance proved to me that if I'm not completely focused or feeling nervous - my fingers are still able to completely deceive me and freak out. That was not a good feeling. I recovered and got through both songs with a great reception, but it jolted me into reality. Chances are there will be a lot of people there on Saturday night and chances are I'm going to be nervous - I need to practice so hard that my fingers are literally scared shitless to make a wrong move! They need to know these songs so well that failure is not even an option. So there you have it. I am going to be a practicing machine this week.

I'm also on the PR wagon. Here is the amazing poster designed by Jesse's roomie and my friend, Scott McCullough.

I put up posters and little post cards yesterday at Genghis and took a trip over to Room 5 as well to put up some promotional stuff. It is a beautiful room!!!!! I'm so excited about it! It is intimate and classic with a red velvet curtain behind the stage, little tables and red leather chairs and a swirling bar hugging the left side of the room. It is the perfect place. Now I can envision exactly how the night will go - which puts me at ease a little bit.

The promoter, Mitch, texted me yesterday to see if I had at least 25 people lined up to come. I said, yes, for sure I do! I'm going to rock it!!!!! (I said that because I know people are going to come through - right, ya'll? You're gonna be there. I knew it, you're the best. Thanks, friend!)

So here are a few highlights from my trip East.

My gorgeous friend and the most talented dancer I know took us backstage after watching his debut Broadway performance in 'South Pacific.' I was just floored by him. You can't imagine the high I felt hugging my brother on the stage of his dreams - the place where it is coming true. I am so inspired and so in love with him and have learned so much from his story. YOU BETTER WORK, ALFIE!

Here we are on stage in Lincoln Center:

Another highlight was definitely going apple picking with my friends Rager and Molly. Let 3 silly gooses loose on an apple orchard and hilarity ensues. There were multiple halfsie wet ems laughing situations and hundreds of apples tested and consumed. It was the perfect New England afternoon - despite the fact that their cider doughnut machine was broken. What a crock!

Fall in New England is my favorite thing ever. It is so beautiful. there is nothing like it in the world. The smells, colors, air, sounds. They all mix together to create a magical atmosphere. I was able to walk in my favorite city nature spot, Fresh Pond, and capture a lot of the beauty. I sat on my favorite bench and talked to God. It was a pretty good talk.

Here is my niece Eve. She is full of light and laughter and love. She likes Dr. Seuss books and toy cars and squirrels and pancakes and singing. We sang a lot. I love her and miss her. Notice our tres chic matching haircuts!

Rager's birthday was celebrated in multiple ways, but my favorite was a trip to 'High Tea' at the Taj hotel on Newbury Street. It was so awkward in the beginning that we decided we might as well, 'act' the part. We spent the afternoon gabbing in bored with life, wealthy, englishy accents - grabbing our petifores with pinkies up and having an absolute blast! After 5 cups of tea, I was flying and extremely hyper.

I did not get pictures of everything that was wonderful. My camera battery stupidly died the night I spent with my old college buddy and beautiful young woman, Kelly Kapron in NYC. We went and fell in love with country legend, Tanya Tucker, at BBKings. It was a blast. I also have no picture of my friend Lauren - who spent an unforgettable afternoon and evening with me in NYC. I miss her ease and elegance and kindness so much! What a great friend. There are no pics of my grandparents, mother, brother, cousins, aunt and uncle who all spent special time with me - providing lots of love and support. No pictures of the West End House where I spent some time with co-workers, lending a hand, singing songs to my old gang of 8 year olds and having a memorable night at the Music Clubhouse 'open mic.' I miss that place a lot. No pics of my friend Kevin and his wonderful production of "Sweet Charity" and the divine piece of pumpkin/pecan cheesecake we devoured. No photo of Kaitlyn and her sweet smile at Crema Cafe. No photo of the band at Plough and Stars rocking it out and my friend burwell jumping up on the mic to sing harmonies on "She's the One" or the loyal friends who came out to support me. But know that all of these moments are ingrained on my heart. And if I ever have a lonely moment here in LA. Sitting in my apartment wondering if I'm loved, wondering if anyone gives a flying eff about anything I do - I'm going to think of you all. And I will know that I'm crazy. And I will be sending YOU buckets of love in return.

Here is your moment of Fran Zen:

"I Say a Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." - Gandhi


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