Morning Maniac Music

Good morning people! (PS - this blog is being posted way after the fact due to internet problemos)

I've had two cups of coffee, I've done yoga, I've made calls, I've paid bills, I am so freaking on top of my game this morning it is not even funny. Woke up with Feist, then Johnny Cash, the Beatles, and now I'm onto The Kinks. It's going to be a good day.

Yesterday, I was tired and to be honest, I did not do that much. whoops. I guess I needed a rest, but a good friend reminded me that I am not technically unemployed, I work for myself, and I need to start treating it that way. Hello! I have been thinking the exact same thing, I've just been dragging my feet. So here I am. I have an awesome to-do list today and I've already completed 1/3 of it. So yippeeee!

Yesterday I wrote out all of things swimming around in my head that I need to accomplish or want to do in the next couple of weeks. It's a long list, but I can totally do it. Because I can't choose between the singer/songwriter thing and the cabaret thing, I'm splitting my days up to work on both of them, pretty equally. Hopefully that will work out.

The booker texted me last night and asked if I would like to play a Saturday night at Room 5, which I think is right by my apartment! I said yes of course and told him when I was free, of course I haven't heard back yet. I think booking people legally MUST have ADD. Anyway, I will most likely have a date soon - hopefully late October. I need some freaking time to put an hour long show together! Holy crapola. I think I will also have to find some sweet soul to play with me - an hour of guitar playing with no other instrument backing me up sounds like my own personal nightmare. So we will pray for an amazingly talented and cool musician to come into my life and want to play with me!

I started to put together a few versions of what I think might be a cool cabaret set list yesterday. I have some great ideas and songs - but I think there is not enough in there that is off the beaten path, what can I say - I love cheese, I love songs that people love, SO SUE ME. There are a few random rock songs that I've always dreamed of arranging into freaky-deaky-jazzy covers, so that is in the cards. I need to find an arranger who wants to work with me for not a whole lot of money. Anyone know anyone?

Ok, so that is it for today. I'm going to Hotel Cafe tonight in Hollywood to check out this absolutely gorgeous, sultry singer/songwriter I saw play at the Gardenia the other night. She liked me and I liked her. She is what I will never be, so I think I probably have something to learn from her. Her name is Annaliese.

So here is your song and quote for the day, my most beautiful people in the whole entire world:

Get a Move On! - Mr. Scruff

"Love and do what you will." - St. Augustine


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