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Hello Kitty,

(first of all - did that entire Japanese megabrand get their whole shtick from Anne Frank's diary????? nutso!)

So, Good morning. A friend of mine who works in the music industry wrote me a wonderful little e-mail, supporting my efforts and reminding me NOT TO SLACK. He suggested I blog a little every day - and write and practice and network, etc. I believe I am up for the challenge, not only because it feels good to write everyday, but also because I need a little structure in this boho life. It will keep me productive and...happier!

Last night I went out with my cute roomie and her bestie, Ally, for a little birthday dinner celebration at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Evelyn, the b-day girl, works there, so we got 50% off our extravagant dinner! It is one of the most classically beautiful hotels I've ever seen. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, literally, and this is were they filmed that movie. I also was reminded of the movie when i spotted a...woman of the night waiting patiently by the men's bathroom. Creepy. But hey, c'est la vie! We ate, boy did we eat! They brought out toasted gluten free bread pour moi (I recently found out I have an allergy to the stuff, dammit), then tuna tartar, porcini and artichoke soup, a flight of Chardonnay, antipasto, scallops with harissa and other things that are too sophisticated for me to remember, espresso, and a peppermint patty cocktail to finish. Holy shit, it was good. The entire staff knew my roomie, Evelyn, and waited on us hand and foot. It was a lovely Beverly Hills evening if I may say so myself!

Razzi poses outside the hotel.

Two roomies.

A great night at the 'Reg. Bev. Wil.'

Other Happenings from yesterday:

1. I called Les Traub, the head of Cabaret West, and we had a very nice chat. He is very curious to hear me sing, thanks to Amanda's compliments, and I think I will be performing at the open mic cabaret night at the Gardenia next Tuesday so he can! I will probably pull out one of my favorite Judy Garland tunes for the occasion and I can't wait!

2. I received the rough mix of the CD my friends and I recorded for Christ Church Unity in Brookline, MA. I was pretty happy with the result. There are many beautiful moments on the CD that capture the spritual tone of the music we provide at Unity. The only problem is my final "Amen" on the final track, "Total Praise." It's a total mess! So Dave Gethmann sent me the CD to somehow record a final Amen one final time. The trick is finding a place to do it! There are all these mic and tech requirements. I have a few ideas - but all require asking favors of people I'm not quite sure owe me favors. Oh, well, I'm sure it doesn't hurt to ask, AMEN!

3. I began writing a little song about my experience with 'The Prince.' About a year ago I fell in love in a second with the Prince of Swaziland, also Nelson Mandela's grandson. We hit it off! Well - it's not hard to guess what the fate of that speedy affair was - but it is just PERFECT juice for a song and I've wanted to write about it ever since. So I'm finally on the right track. A little sampling of some of the random lyrics:

'You were the Prince and I was the pauper.
You were so smooth and I acted proper.'

'I would have followed you to the end of the sea and back with no questions asked.'

Anyway - that one is a HUGE work in progress. I'll see what I can do on it today. So I will be writing and singing at home for a few hours.

Also on the agenda:

1. A few important e-mails to foster some of the connections I've made lately
2. Call the musician, Bernie Larsen, who I'm going to see play tonight and see if he can get me on 'the list.'
3. Meet a new friend, Angelo, at the house I 'was' going to move into in Los Feliz for a chat and an impromptu guitar lesson - I need all the help I can get!
4. Birthday dinner #2 for Evelyn at her other restaurant, Essex on Hollywood Blvd.
5. Go to Molly Malone's to see Bernie's band, Cry on Cue, play

That's it folks!

I will leave you with a song for the day and a quote for the day.

"Procrastination is your greatest enemy. Delays will turn pregnant opportunities into hollow possibilities. If you don't have the faith to move ahead NOW, don't be surprised when that bigger believer appears and launches your idea successfully."
------ from Robert Schuller's book, "You Can Become the Person You Want to Be"


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